300 Portico (6 Person Spa) - Graphite Pearl
Couple enjoying their Softub 300 Portico hot tub 300 Portico (6 Person Spa) - Graphite Pearl 300 Portico (6 Person Spa) - Metallic Blue Pearl 300 Portico (6 Person Spa) Offwhite Pearl 300 Portico (6 Person Spa) - Taupe Pearl Softub 300 Portico (6 Person Hot Tub) Softub 300 Portico (6 Person Spa) | Top View Softub 300 Portico (6 Person Hot Tub) Softub 300 Portico (6 Person Hot Tub) Softub 300 Portico (6 Person Hot Tub)

300 Portico

Nothing beats the bliss of sitting in a perfectly heated spa. 

If only you could take the sensation with you everywhere you went! Well, with the Softub 300 Portico you can. 

This six-person soft spa, our newest Softub 300 Model, has ushered in a new era in relaxation, and it’s a portable one. It can easily fit through doors and be rolled into position - wherever you may want to take it. Whether it’s a weekend away at the beach house, a pool party at a friend’s house, or wherever it may be, your Softub 300 Portico can go with you.   

Don’t think you’re compromising on that blissful feeling just because your Softub Portico is portable though! 

Intelligent technology allows the Softub 300 Portico to maintain its water temperature as well as any acrylic hot tub and does so while consuming less energy. With a built-in U shaped hydrotherapy seat and 3 jet sensations (one for the lower lumbar, a standard stacked jet for upper and lower, and an upper jet), it’s designed with luxury in mind! 

This Softub Portico model accommodates up to six adults. It combines the new marine grade SynTex™ vinyl and full jet station control with the industry's most powerful hydro-jet. Specifically designed for people who want an acute high-pressure massage on specific targeted aches and pains, the Softub 300 Portico is the ultimate in relaxation.    

Choose the design that suits you, with models available in Graphite, Caribbean Green, Metallic Blue, Off White, Taupe Exterior, and Pearl Interior. It also carries 2 LED interior lights. 

300 Softub Specs:

Capacity  5-6 People
Jets 7
Outer Diameter 78 inches
Inner Diameter 65 inches
Tub Height 27 inches
Water Capacity 300 gallons
Total Empty Weight 147 lbs
Empty Tub Weight 80 lbs
Motor Pack Weight 37 lbs
Lid Weight 30 lbs
Filled Weight 2725 lbs
Voltage 120V