Frequently Asked Questions

How long have these spas been around? How long will they last?
We’ve been manufacturing Softub spas since 1986, and some of our first tubs are still in customers’ back yards.
What that means to you …
You can count on a reliable spa,with a strong company to back it up.There are many Softub spas still in operation after over 20 years of service.

Where are Softub's manufactured?
There are two manufacturing plants. The West Coast plant is in Poway, California, and the East Coast plant is New Bedford, Massachusetts.

What are they made of? Are they inflatable?
No, they are not inflatable.They are made of space-age high-density foam that is extremely strong, yet lightweight.
What that means to you …
You’ll love the flexible comfort and be able to easily move your tub, inside or outside, without any help.

How well does the vinyl surface hold up outside?
The vinyl is a marine-grade product that is designed to withstand the harshest climates and sun.
What that means to you …
That means with simple, routine care, you can expect to get many years of service, indoors or out.

How much does it cost to operate?
Softub spas are easy on the pocketbook. The average cost to operate a Softub spa outside, nationwide, is between $6 and $10 per month.
What that means to you …
That means you won’t see a huge jump in your electric bill, as with the 220v hard tubs.

How does it heat without a heater?
With our revolutionary heat recovery system, which uses the heat created by the pump motor to heat the water.
What that means to you …
You will have operating costs that are a fraction of the cost of a hard tub, a reduction in service problems, and an extension of the life of the motor, since our system helps keep it cool

How hot does it get?
Our thermostat can be set as high as 106 degrees Fahrenheit
What that means to you …
No matter what temperature you select, it ’s ready for you whenever you’re ready to relax.

How do you treat the water?
We include a water treatment kit with every Softub spa that fully explains the treatment process. We also offer a spa frog mineral cartridge that can supplement the sanitizer and reduce the amount of chlorine required.
What that means to you …
That means it takes less time-and less money out of your pocket – to keep your tub sparkling clean.

To download our Water Treatment Guide or see our Water Maintenance Troubleshooting chart, click here.

How much do they weigh when full of water?
A 220 gallon Softub spa weighs 1,972 pounds, including the HydroMate and lid.
What that means to you …
You can put your tub on nearly any deck. Check with your builder, but most new decks can easily support a Softub spa and a few of your friends.

What kind of preparation is required to install a Softub spa?
The great news is that all you need is a level surface and a dedicated 115V 15A electric outlet.
What that means to you …
Unlike hard tubs,which required a concrete pad or reinforced platform to support their heavy weight and dedicated 220V wiring, a Softub spa is the go-anywhere hot tub.

Will I need an electrician or plumber to hook it up?
What that means to you …
Although almost all hard tubs do require expensive electrical work to install, a Softub spa is designed for anyone to install on their own, as it plugs into a dedicated 115V 15A outlet. And, with our SmartChip™, you never have to worry about power surges or brown-outs damaging your spa