6 Person 110v Hot Tub

If the thought of not having access to your hot tub while you are traveling isn't something that you want to consider, Evergreen Softub offers the experience that you can't live without with the portability and ease that can only come from a soft-sided hot tub. When you choose one of the two six-person Softub options, the 300 Resort or the 300 Poseidon, you get all of the space that you want with all of the portability and convenience that can only come from Evergreen. No matter what your needs may be, no matter where the road may take you, there is a Softub ready and waiting for you at Evergreen. Take a look at our selection on our easy to navigate website, and see the difference that owning a Softub can make in your life.

The Perfect Space To Spend Your Free Time

If spending time lounging in your very own hot tub in the comfort and convenience of your home appeals to you, but the rigidity and lack of comfort of traditional hot tubs doesn't, a Softub from Evergreen Softub is the perfect way to get that very same experience with a more comfortable seat for everyone. These tubs feature a comfortable, barrier-free, and durable liner and shell that give you the perfect space to spend your free time. When it comes to room for everyone, the 300 Resort and the 300 Poseidon feature a roomy inner diameter of 65 inches, which is more than enough space to fit up to six adults.

Plug and Play Made Easy

While traditional hot tubs require 220v and 50 amps of power to run, both the 300 Poseidon and the 300 Resort from Evergreen Softubs only require a 110v outlet to work. That means that if you are like many people and have pre-existing outlets on the outside of your home that are not being used, getting that hot tub experience can happen anywhere with an Evergreen Softub. Inside, outside, deck, patio, there is no end to the places that you can put your new Softub. Better yet, the Softub features a plug and play cord with a GFCi cord cap that keeps you safe in the event of weather or splashes that may get the connection wet. Safety, comfort, and convenience come standard with a Softub from Evergreen Soft Tubs.

A Portable Way To Accommodate Up to Six Adults

When you think about traditional six-person hot tubs, bulky and cumbersome are two of the first words that probably come to mind. If that is the case, you certainly would be correct. Thankfully, if you are looking for a lighter and more versatile way to get that very same experience, the 300 Poseidon and 300 Resort from Evergreen Softubs is a great way to do exactly that. Starting with a surprisingly light 147 lb total empty weight and a compact size that is guaranteed to fit through standard doorways, our Softubs give you a portable way to accommodate up to six adults in your new hot tub while on the go.