Softub Is The Most Energy Efficient Hot Tub Gallon for Gallon*

Green, Greener, Greenest

Hot Tub Manufacturing has never been anywhere near GREEN, and most Hot tub companies just manufacture hot tubs, spray fiberglass and resins, use plastics and steel without much regard for the environment, except to follow EPA guidelines. The California Energy Commission (CEC), with probably the most rigid standards in the country, monitors energy efficiency and recently passed a bill called “title 20”, which sets a standard amount of allowable energy used by a portable spa/hot tub.

The amount of allowable energy per the new guidelines, was not met by 65% of hot tub manufacturers who failed an independent study done by California Polytechnic State University. Softub was the only manufacturer to pass these new guidelines without having to make any changes to its manufacturing process.

Although there are some hot tubs that comply with these new regulations or have since complied with manufacturing changes, Softub is a first in the Hot Tub Industry considering its unique design, function and in its green industry standards that have been a part of the “Green Movement”, since its inception. Many states are now adopting the CEC standards and implementing these energy requirements.

Softub, formed in 1985 is one of the leading spa manufacturers worldwide and minimal changes to the product over the years including our “patented ozone water sanitation system” and our “smart chip power monitoring system” have added to this green product to make it the most energy efficient hot tub on the market.

The Softub Eco-Advantage Includes:

  • California Energy Commission Registered.
  • Lower Energy Bills – Plugs Into Any Standard 120 V Outlet
  • The Energy Efficient Hydromate System.
  • The SmartChip® Power Monitoring System
  • Sealed, High Density Insulated Cover.
  • Manufactured in a Green Facility = No Harmful VOC* levels.


Energy Efficiency - The state of California is the first governing body to adopt energy efficiency guidelines for hot tubs. Similar to fuel economy standards for automobiles, all hot tubs sold in the state of California must meet a baseline energy usage level. All Softub models operate well under the required baselines for the units.

SmartChip® Technology – The patented Softub Smartchip recognizes low power situations and shuts off your tub before any damage occurs. It is also programmed with a patented energy efficiency system. When the Smartchip senses a voltage drop it will shut down the pump. It will continue to monitor the in-coming power and will automatically restart the spa when the voltage returns to a normal level. In the event of a power outage, Smartchip automatically resets at 100 degrees. The patented “Energy Efficiency Program” monitors the filtration system. If the system filtrates during standard heating cycles, the programmed filter cycles are by-passed to save energy. If adequate filtration does not occur during heat cycles, the automatic filter cycles occur.

Thanks to the Softub Smartchip, you can run all electrical appliances normally, without fear of damaging your spa or other household appliances.

In summary, Softub has many green aspects, but simplicity of operation , durability and true portability are its biggest assets. If you enjoy a good soak rather than the noise and splashing of 57 jets and waterfalls, Softub is your tub of choice. Most tubs require 220 v 50Amp service that can cost between $800 and $2200 dollars to install, they require special foundations costing from $400 to $800 and the bigger the tub, the more maintenance. Softub was designed around all the complaints of hot tub users and to this day, is the most advanced hot tub on the market for therapy and/or pleasure.


* Use Softub Every Day For Less Than $10/month. Softub spas are remarkably inexpensive to operate. This calculation is based upon CEC protocol, using a model 220 Softub every day for 20 minutes, with the jets on. The water temperature was maintained at 102° Fahrenheit at all times, with an ambient temperature of 60° Fahrenheit or lower. Using the national average cost of energy of $0.1097 per kWh, the monthly cost calculates to $9.12 per month.