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“I think there’s a convincing argument that sauna use promotes broader changes in immune function that may bolster defense in a contextually beneficial way.”- Dr, Rhona Patrick

“Day two in the sauna.  You can’t tell a whole lot from one day of use, but one thing I did find out almost immediately.  I’ve had a bunch of aches and pains, I’ve got some tendinitis in one of my elbows from being a meathead… and that tendinitis significantly reduced from a one hour session in the sauna.”  He added, “I like it.  I got out of the sauna and felt great.  As soon as I showered off I felt loose and all my weird little aches and pains felt phenomenal.” - Joe Rogan-Podcaster, Comedian and UFC Commentator

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The Softub Portico is our newest 300 Softub Model with an innovative extra long built in U shaped hydrotherapy seat combine with 3 different jet stations - one for the lower lumbar, a standard stacked jet for upper and lower, and an upper jet.

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Evergreen Softub & Sauna is the largest retailer of Softub Spas in the USA. We are also a nationwide Dealer for Clearlight infrared Saunas. These 2 brands sit at the top of their respective categories. We're acutely focused on representing the very best Hot Tubs and Saunas available, we believe we have both.

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