4 Person 110v Hot Tub

Just imagine soaking in your very own four-person hot tub in the comfort and convenience of your very own home. When your new hot tub has room for four people, you can share that very same experience with friends or family and have fun while soaking your cares away. If this sounds like exactly what you are looking for but are having a hard time imagining how to get the needed power, space, or the budget to do so, choosing an Evergreen Softub is a great way to get everything that you are looking for. Experience the convenience of simply plugging into a 110v outlet that you already have pre-existing inside or on the outside of your home. That means less upfront cost and faster enjoyment of your new hot tub right out of the box.

Roomy Is An Understatement

Whether you currently have a two-person hot tub and are looking to upsize or are in the market for your very first hot tub and need seating for up to four, the 220 Legend gives you all of the experience with all of the convenience that can only come from owning an Evergreen Softub. The Legend features 5 extremely powerful and well-positioned jets that give you the ability to soak your cares away or get that much needed massage to help your muscles recover after a long day. In addition to the jets, this Softub also features plenty of room to accommodate up to four adults through the use of a barrier-free concept that makes finding the perfect seating position a breeze.

Take Control Of Your Hot Tub Experience

When it comes to many hot tubs, one of the biggest limitations of owning one is the inability to get the needed power to the particular location that you have in mind. Whether that is on your deck, patio, or in your home or garage, the 220 Legend from Evergreen Softub gives you the ability to take control of your hot tub experience by giving you the convenience that can only come from plugging into an existing 110v outlet. Not only is this method of powering up your Softub easy, it is also safe thanks to the integrated GFCI cord cap that keeps you safe in the even of a splash or adverse weather. Safety, convenience, and comfort, who could possibly ask for more?

Get Your Soak In No Matter Where You Go

The thought of moving a traditional hot tub is not something that anyone wants to endure on a regular basis. After all, they are heavy, require an electrician to disconnect, and simply aren't made to be moved regularly. If the thought of not having your time soaking in a hot tub is nothing that you want to consider, choosing the Evergreen Softub is the perfect way to get that same experience while getting the portability that you are looking for. Hot tubs like the 220 Legend give you an easy way to enjoy that experience anywhere the road or your next adventure takes you. With a surprisingly light 127lb empty weight, taking your new Softub with you has never been easier.