Arizona's natural charms are unmatched, with gorgeous rock formations and desert landscapes. If you want to bask in your home's scenic beauty, we have a luxury solution for you. Revel in an ultimate wellness experience with our premium Softubs and infrared saunas in Arizona. Our products provide a serene sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful moment. 

Relax Anywhere, Anytime

Softubs are revolutionary hot tubs that you can bring anywhere and prepare for use much faster than a traditional acrylic hot tub. Excellent portability and user-friendly features mean you can set up the Softub in your home or bring it with you on one of your outdoor adventures. Just look for a level surface, assemble the equipment, plug it in and enjoy all the luxury of a hot tub wherever you want to relax. 

And to suit your lifestyle, we offer a variety of colors for the interior and exterior material. From forest green to metallic blue, pick the hue that suits your preference. Our collection of premium Softubs in Arizona includes:

Give Yourself a Soothing Treat

Sauna bathing offers several health benefits, including detoxification, better blood circulation, skin rejuvenation and weight loss. While we are the exclusive authorized Softub dealer in Arizona, we also offer infrared saunas. 

Loosen up while improving your overall well-being with wooden steam baths made of the highest-quality materials and manufacturing standards. Assemble your home sauna within hours with the tools included in the package. 

We carry several infrared sauna sizes for your needs, so you can choose the model that caters to the specific number of persons and level of comfort you desire. Our options accommodate one to five people, giving you plenty of space to relax in a nice steam bath with your partner or enjoy a fun night at home with a group of friends. Whether you're looking got a cozy spa experience that lets you enjoy your alone time or you want to share your sauna as a relaxation space, our luxury options can meet your needs.

Skip the Trip to the Spa With Evergreen Softub and Sauna

We are the largest Softub distributor in the U.S., with a solid line-up of solutions for fun and total body wellness. If you're looking for quality Softubs for sale in Arizona, we've got you covered. Contact us today to tell us more about your dream at-home spa experience. Our team will gladly assist you with your Softubs and infrared sauna needs.