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So you made it! You’re here to choose the perfect hot tub! All Softubs have powerful jets; all Softubs are extremely lightweight and infinitely portable, and all models have patented energy efficiency technology, 106 degree thermostatic range and comprehensive 5-year warranty. But which Softub best suits your lifestyle, your family size, your location, and your specific therapeutic needs?


With all things Softub, streamlined simplicity is at the core of everything we do because when it comes to relaxation the most effortless option is often the best. To this end, the choices are four:

The Softub Sportster (1-2 person)


The Sportster is our most space-saving model and is a sought after because it holds the distinction of being a spa that can go in places where no premium hot tub has ever so easily gone before. From the coziest of condo patios, to the corner of an airy sunroom, to the picturesque stern of a well-appointed house boat—the Sportster has always been a favorite of those desiring a luxurious place to soak that will fit in the politest of footprints. Measuring only 59 inches in diameter, the Sportster houses 140 gallons of on-demand liquid heat, and is the perfect hot tub for solo soaking or a duo date night. Featuring a supple padded interior, multi-colored LED light, 24 inch depth and four powerful therapeutic streams articulated to minister to various parts of the body, Softub’s most petite offering has proven that great things come in small packages, and with the Sportster, the applications are virtually infinite!

The Softub Legend (3-4 person)


The Softub Legend is a coveted model with a following all its own. It was the 220 gallon spa that originally launched Softub into the limelight, debuting its innovative portable design to the international marketplace. Around our water-cooler, we affectionately call it the Goldilocks, as it offers a perfect-sized sweet-spot that is just right for nearly everyone. At just under six feet wide, the Legend takes up about the same amount of space as a round table with chairs, so it will easily go right on the corner of your deck or patio, and even on grass and gravel, providing a roomy lounging space for a median family and cherished friends. Boasting Softub’s classic two-foot immersion depth encircled by five strategically placed bursts of adjustable jet massage, the Legend is simply a comfortable tub. Whether lazily floating with a special someone or piled in with the kids or doing a little water aerobics for that moment of zen, this model is dynamically versatile yet unobtrusive in a backyard retreat. If you’re looking for the perfect mid-sized spa, you only have to ask yourself one question…Are you a Legend?

The Softub Resort (5-6 person)


The Resort expands the dimensions of Softub’s aquatic oasis in both diameter and depth. At just over 6 ½ feet wide and featuring an alluring 27 inch soaking space, this upgraded model presents premium enhancements to Softub’s therapeutic experience. Roomy enough for a growing family, a backyard bbq, or a quiet refuge to stretch out and drift away, the Resort’s 300 gallon volume provides an ample escape for full-body immersion, regardless of individual height, body type or social proclivity. The addition of a half-moon therapy seat to the classic open Softub interior provides an excellent entry / exit point as well as a designated lower lumber massage station, with a double-stack of powerful jets to knead the body’s most sensitive hinge. It also includes a second dual-jet combo strategically placed to soothe aching shoulders and sore necks. With seven vigorous pressure ports that are customizable with three styles of therapeutic massage heads (directional, pulsating, and rotating), the Softub Resort invites you to indulge in the pleasures you enjoy when on vacation, right in the comfort of your own backyard!

The Softub Portico—An Evolution in Hydrotherapy  (6 person)


Rounding out Softub’s impressive model line-up is their brand-new offering for 2020, an ultra-therapy advancement on the classic 5-6 person size category. Maintaining the diameter (6 ½ feet) and depth (27 inches) from it’s sister model, the Portico again affords a wealth of soaking space, but this beast transforms the largest Softub into a gladiator of power, functionality, and luxury. The interior of the Portico is adorned with a sprawling u-shaped therapy bench that stretches around half of the spa’s interior circumference and features three independent zones for lower lumbar, spinal, and total back massage. The other half of the tub perpetuates Softub’s classic deep-soaking space, with jet positioning engineered to target the upper back, shoulders and neck. However, the Portico increases its massage stream total to eight with the introduction of Softub’s first, massive-volume whirlpool jet—the Poseidon. Creating a tsunami of therapeutic power, this deep-tissue behemoth is equipped with a patented Trident Diverter System that allows for instant customizable control over pressure output anywhere in the tub you desire, and with it’s included elbow accessory, you can unleash colossal directional torrents that bathe your body in therapeutic heat and vibrate sore tissues into welcome submission. Combined with Reflectix augmented insulation (an additional radiant heat barrier), ultra-durable, all-weather Syntex exterior choices and dual-streaming multi-colored LED, the Portico is the crème de la crème of portable hot tubs.  

So whether you have a modest courtyard or a sprawling deck expanse, a secluded log cabin or a high rise apartment, whether you are a lone wolf or a pack animal, there is a Softub for everyone, and as we’ve demonstrated here, each model offers unique advantages that satisfy specific consumer needs and tastes. Ultimately, whichever Softub you choose, there is a relaxing vacation from pain and stress in your future, and Evergreen Softub as the largest domestic distributor is ready to satisfy all of your relaxation needs!