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Softub Provides Superior Quality Pain Relief (Healing at Home Plate)

Where do you hurt? Most people try to avoid this question; we shove our pain into the recesses of our minds and simply try to muddle through. But it’s there, slowing us down, stealing our energy, and depreciating our quality of lives. Modern medicine often relies heavily on masking pain rather than treating it, prescribing capsule-shaped panaceas that promise some measure of relief while guaranteeing a laundry list of side effects and risks. However, long before the age of Big Pharma, deep in the intuitive roots of our history, pain relief was attained through far less invasive means, and at the core of our being, we unconsciously recognize the inherent biological connection between water, heat, and healing. One segment of the population that is explicitly in touch with the need for injury prevention and recovery is that of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Speaking of, I once met a professional athlete a few years ago at a Pacific NW State Fair, and this is why he chose a Softub. At first, I didn’t know why my coworkers were transfixed on an unassuming man who stood at the perimeter of our installation, leaning over and admiring a Softub. Once I had done a double take, I realized I was in the presence of a sports legend, the now late, great Dave Henderson (aka “Hendu”), a 1989 World Series Champion, and for the first time in years, I was nervous! But I wiped the stars out of my eyes and soldiered on through professional pleasantries, and what followed was him sharing the sheer amount of punishment his body had taken over the course of his illustrious career from the Seattle Mariners to the Boston Red Sox, to the Kansas City Royals, and how he implicitly knew the value of hydrotherapy and its health advantages in sports medicine. What this celebrated player was looking for is the same thing that all of us who struggle with injury and discomfort need—convenient, holistic pain relief.



 5 Reasons Why Softub is the Best Spa for Pain Relief


  1. Buoyancy / Freedom of Movement

Softub’s famous barrier-free design allows for full immersion and untethered motion for a variety of therapeutic activities, including aquatic hot yoga, underwater resistance training, and low impact cardio. When combined with Softub’s 24 to 27 inch true depth, owners experience 85 – 90% body weight displacement, affording immediate pressure relief from gravity’s compressing force on joints and ligaments.


  1. Low Impact Surfacing

The padded flex-foam throughout Softub’s interior provides a zero pressure point environment for those struggling with injury and chronic joint & muscle pain. Whether you are tall or short, whether you skinny dip or chunky dunk, and no matter where your injury or discomfort may be, the fact is, relaxing on a forgiving, soft surface will always allow the body to release tension faster than conforming to pre-molded hard seats.

  1. The Heat Advantage

Throughout history, hydro-therapeutic warmth has been a mainstay of healing practices in nations and cultures around the globe. This is quite simply because the deep penetrating aspect of liquid heat relieves pain in less time. Softub provides a superior range of thermostatic temperature, up to 106 degrees, and as time is often what we have the least of, hotter temperatures can provide more expedient alleviation of discomfort and soreness.


  1. Targeted Massage

The configuration of jets throughout Softub’s product-line echoes principles of medical hydrotherapy in that Softub triangulates specific areas of the body with powerful jet stations. Instead of dividing the spa’s pressure output amongst a myriad of superfluous and often weak jets designed to bolster a visual presentation rather than a therapeutic goal, Softub concentrates it’s pressure through carefully articulated jet ports designed to provide maximum massage to specific targeted problem areas of our physiology, while still providing the great bubbles and ambiance you expect from a hot tub. Further, on all models, Softub incorporates interchangeable jet-heads to allow for a variety of massage types, including directional jet nozzles to hit that sweet spot, pulsating streams for a little shiatsu, and rotating x-stream jets to walk around your back in a circular motion like a masseuse’s hand. In short, Softub is a spa that you can spontaneously customize to fit your pain relief and rehabilitative needs!


  1. Improve Circulation & Sleep

When combining a variety of massage types, greater temperature range, supple memory-foam surfaces, and a deep soaking space that imbues the inherent power of weightlessness, Softub relieves tension and restriction, allowing the body’s own healing capabilities to be kick started. Increased circulation through hydrotherapy provides a multitude of health advantages for those who struggle with chronic or acute pain from conditions like, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes/neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, autism, and even the everyday injuries that we all experience due to the vulnerability of human physiology. But perhaps most importantly, when pain receptors are buffered and inflammation is reduced, the body can more easily transition into a settled state of rest because the one thing that our bodies require universally, for healing, is more restful sleep, and Softub ushers the body into a zone of relaxation that encourages deep restorative slumber.



So, whether you are a desk jockey or a manual-labor quarterback, the goal-keep mom or the defensive lineman dad, a power forward rookie or a point guard veteran—you are the athlete of your life. The body is an impressive biological machine capable of profound accomplishment, but its vulnerabilities give us a universal connection, that of the regular need for recovery and rest to promote healing. What Softub offers to all of us is the gift of accessible pain relief right outside your backdoor. Your life is your Super Bowl, your World Series, your Final Four—get out there and win, and recover like a pro!