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Top 5 Most Popular Upgrades for Your Softub

Softub owners know that their spa projects an image of sophistication and subtle, unobtrusive elegance. As a standalone piece, the Softub can enhance any backyard or interior relaxation space with a tranquil sanctuary that welcomes you with the promise of respite and enjoyment. However, one of the unique things about Softub’s effortless, portable design is that it allows owners to create dynamic representations of their own style as the spa becomes a seamless inclusion in their home décor. Hence, adorning your hot tub with decorative and functional appurtenances allows for the expression of individual taste and the creation of personal zen zones.  And for this purpose, Evergreen Softub presents to you the top 5 most coveted and best selling hot tub accessories for your new portable spa:




Introduced in 2018, this new incarnation of our all-weather, outdoor wicker surround adds a wide, inviting social space around your Softub. This is indeed one of our premium hot tub upgrades, adding an air of luxury to the soaking space. With a simple snap together design, installation is remarkably simple, and the woven, espresso-colored polyurethane plaits and metal reinforced construction make this surround excellent for a multitude of climates—from the arid desert to the snowy mountains. When combined with a wicker-bordered teak wood step and an in-line serving tray with storage compartment beneath, the Boca Rattan Surround provides a dimension of elegance to enhance the Softub Legend, Resort, and Portico.




Continuing in the vein of adding a social area around your soaking space, we feature the Northwest Cedar Surround, a classic enhancement of Softub’s celebrated curved design. Hand-crafted in the American Northwest from genuine solid cedar, this surround’s fluted planks add an earthy depth that echoes an old-world artisanship. With a complimentary configuration to it’s wicker alternative, this pressure-treated and light brunette-stained wrap-around features a ¾ circumference upper bench and a matching step to envelope any Softub model in a sitting area that speaks as much of home and hearth as it does of log cabin adventure.







For a misty garden veranda, a sun-drenched patio, or a snowy uncovered deck, if you want to add a decorative, element-shielding canopy to your jetted sanctuary, then the Softub Spa Side Umbrella is a must-have. With a powder-coated metal plate that slides seamlessly beneath the edge of your spa, this stylish sun-shade pairs in minutes with any Softub, and it’s swivel armature allows for full-spa surface coverage as well as retractability to reveal sunny skies or starry nights at your discretion. This is a premium accoutrement to your Softub that adds versatility while extending your soaking season in periods of inclement weather. It’s affordability makes it universally accessible; it’s quality makes it utterly indispensable.  In short, Softub’s Spa Side Umbrella is a premium upgrade that is so multifaceted that it continually makes our customers’ top 5 hot tub accessory list every year!




Since it’s release almost 40 years ago, Softub has been known as one of the easiest spas to get in and out of due to it’s low profile stature, and pliable memory foam construction. However, if you simply want a designated access point for children, those with mobility issues, or just a convenient place to slip your shoes off, then Softub’s Handi-steps, constructed of durable, non-slip, polyethylene plastic, provide a minimalistic, all-weather solution. Curving seamlessly to the edge of your spa, this space-saving two step configuration is available in seven different color options to match a variety of Softub aesthetics.  Simple, convenient, and versatile, Handi-steps offer a boost without bulk!




When it comes to outdoor products, many consumers desire extra protection from dust, weather, and ultraviolet exposure. Convenience and durability are essential qualities for any protective cover, be it for your grill, your boat, or in this case, your hot tub. This is why Softub’s Tubguard makes our top 5 list.  Constructed of durable, all-weather vinyl, the Tubguard is a lightweight, form-fitting, drape to cover any size Softub model including those with surrounds, for a simple, user-friendly way to shield your spa from the elements or environmental factors like leaves, pollen, and pine needles. Whether you live where the summer sun is merciless, or in a forest area with perpetual pitch, or you just like the finished look of a tailored cover, the Tubguard is a welcome addition for your Softub retreat at your home, beach house, or wooded cottage.


When it comes to premium hot tub accessories, Evergreen Softub offers a veritable cornucopia of upgrades and embellishments. From side beverage trays to LED flowers, from floating game tables to pain relieving aromatherapy crystals, and yes, a literal parade of signature rubber ducks—accessorizing your Softub is as individual as your backyard. Our top 5 upgrades, however, provide high quality accoutrements that expand the horizons of your Softub’s versatility, function, and aesthetic ambiance!