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All right, we’ve established you’re shopping for a spa, but in an overcrowded product segment with way too many choices, how do you find the best quality product to suit your individual needs, taste and location? Now if you’re a consumer who has always been under the impression that the more money you spend, the better your product selection will be, I am here to burst that bubble. The fact is… the most expensive product is not always the best value, and here’s a snapshot to explain why…

So I’m standing at one of the world’s most prestigious international car auctions. If James Bond were shopping for a vehicle, this is where he would go—a playground for millionaires and dreamers alike who all congregate for the love of classic and innovative, high quality products. A twenty thousand dollar Rolex which was attached to a man, walked into Evergreen Softub’s booth and sat at my sale table but held his gaze to the jets and bubbles rolling under the steam of the Softub. He proceeded to tell me about the $24,000 swim spa he bought for his wife. He further lamented that it cost him over three thousand to install it and because it was costing him $300 a month in electric and was difficult to clean, it was covered with a tarp and sitting like a grave in his backyard. He then tried to sell it to me. I wasn’t in the market for an expensive and difficult to manage pool, but he bought a Softub that day, and I know he still uses it because every now and then I bump into him and he tries to sell me that swim spa, just for old times sake.

Why did a man that could buy most anything he wanted choose Softub? He bought one for the same reasons anyone does. When it comes to relaxation, the simplest option is often the smart choice. Softub is designed around a premise of intelligent, effortless enjoyment.

Portability: With all Softub models weighing less than 80 pounds, they can be installed on nearly any semi-level surface. On gravel or grass, patios or decks, indoors or out, you can roll a Softub almost anywhere—this is one of it’s best features! And when life changes, which it always does, Softub is not a permanently installed fixture at your property; instead, Softub is a beautiful soaking space that takes on the attitude of a valued piece of furniture. If and when you move, it goes with you, even to your favorite camping spot for the weekend!

Installation: At its core, Softub is a plug-and-play spa, requiring no expensive 220V power upgrade on your home. It doesn’t need to be mounted on a perfectly-level, custom-poured concrete slab, nor does it need to be craned in over your house. As always with Softub’s convenient design, just roll it into the space of your choice, fill it with a garden hose, and plug it in to any standard 115V/120V outlet. Then let it heat overnight, and it’s hot until you drain it.

Energy Efficiency: Softub’s patented Hydromate System is one of those great American garage projects that went big. Heating your spa water without a heater via the recycled waste energy of the pumping system put Softub on the map. Now almost four decades hence, the Hydromate II entices new customers who want a spontaneous place to soak without the giant power bill normally associated with hot tubs of the old-fashioned, hard variety. With an average operating cost of under $15 a month to keep your spa hot and ready 24-hours a day, Softub is lauded as the most energy-efficient hot tub on the market.

Maintenance: When it comes to water treatment, Softub customers want two things: less chemicals (because everyone wants a more natural soak) and less maintenance (because having a spa should be a pleasure, not a project). To this end, Softub cuts the use of chlorine in half while accomplishing maintenance in under a minute a week with our Spa Frog Water Treatment System. Incorporating an automatic antibacterial mineral cartridge with a salt-buffered soft chlorine, you can enjoy your Softub anytime with under 60-seconds a week of care.

Overall, I have seen people from all walks of life choose Softub as their relaxation station. The quality of the product is time-tested, and its applications are limitless. Whether you are a multi-millionaire or not, value in a spa is derived from how much relaxation, pain-relief and pure pleasure you receive from it. In the case of Softub, our customers’ enjoyment far exceeds their investment. If you’re looking for a Softub for sale, you’re about to add value to your life in ways you’ll benefit from for decades to come! As for the $24,000 investment I referenced earlier… Softub is a fraction of that cost, so you can save the rest for…I don’t know…maybe an international car auction. It could happen… and just maybe, I’ll see you there!