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Group relaxing in a Softub

If you’re currently researching hot tubs, then you’ve stumbled onto the right page!

You might be thinking “what is a Softub” and how can it help me in my quest for the perfect hot tub? Well, Softub may be the answer you’ve been looking for - here’s why you need one. 

What Is a Softub?

A Softub is everything you expect from a hot tub, plus some additional benefits. 

We all know that blissful feeling of relaxing in a hot tub, but for many people, there are too many drawbacks to purchasing their own spa. A Softub hot tub addresses some of the largest drawbacks (price, running costs, and ease of installation) through innovative technology that’s changing the way we think about hot tubs. 

The Polybond Foam inner shell and marine-grade vinyl exterior make the Softub lightweight without compromising on performance and durability. This gives you a truly portable hot tub at an exceptional price point. 

The Benefits of a Softub

The idea of a portable hot tub is great, but to be useful, it also has to offer high-level performance. You’re looking at a hot tub for the luxury relaxation, and you don’t want to compromise on this. 

Luckily, with Softub, you don’t have to. 


Hot tubs are big, heavy items. Just getting them into position is a big job that can require a crane, so the thought of moving them isn’t worth considering. While a typical hot tub weighs between 400-900 pounds, a Softub weighs less than 80 pounds. 

This makes it extremely portable. Simply put it on its side and roll it where it needs to go. 

The added portability allows you to chase the sun around your yard, move your Softub inside (all you need is a flat surface and it turns into an indoor hot tub), take it on vacation, move with you when you sell your house, go on the back of your boat - the possibilities are endless.

Running Costs

The costs associated with a traditional hot tub are quite high. 

Forget the cost of preparing your site and lifting your hot tub into position - constantly heating water is an energy-intensive process. Most hot tubs require the installation of extra amperage and will cost approximately $40-$75 a month in electricity. 

Softubs are different. They plugin into a regular household electrical system and the innovative heating technology makes them extremely energy efficient. At average electricity prices in a climate with an average temperature of 65 degrees, this works out at just $9.60 a month.


When asking what is a Softub, you’ve got to consider performance. 

You’re willing to make a few sacrifices (of the wallet) for the benefits of an amazing hot tub but you don’t want to sacrifice on performance. The nice thing about Softub is you don’t have to sacrifice on either side. 

ouple relaxing in a Softub

With strategically placed, interchangeable hydro-jets, Softub models offer some of the most powerful jets in the industry. This gives you the powerful hydrotherapy you’re seeking and all the health benefits that go with it


When people ask what is a Softub, one of the questions they tend to have is about price. 

Most traditional hot tubs will cost you in the range of $7,500+, but the top-of-the-line Softub, the Portico comes in at $7,000, how can this be?

It’s all in the technology. 

Softubs use the latest materials and design them specifically for hot tubs. This has allowed us to create a more portable, energy-efficient, and powerful hot tub while still keeping prices down. 

Why Do You Need a Softub?

Hot tubs are a luxury - very few people NEED one. When it comes to it though, the vast majority of us would love to have one!

The problem is, there are many drawbacks to a traditional hot tub that just don’t make them feasible. You’ve got to find the ideal space for them, drop them in, sort out your electrics, cover the running costs, and there’s a huge price tag before you even get started. 

Softub addresses many of these issues. 

So, you might not need a hot tub, but if you’re considering one, then you do need to look at Softubs. 

Conclusion: What Is a Softub?

What is a Softub? We like to think of a Softub as a hot tub with all the relaxation and none of the hassle. 

You get the same powerful jets, wonderfully warm water, and amazing comfort. What you don’t get are the installation headaches, high running costs, and lack of flexibility. The Softub harnesses modern technology to make hot tubs more accessible for you, and you should certainly check them out.