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Hot tub alternatives - softub

If you’re considering buying a spa, then it’s natural to want to know what hot tub alternatives are out there. 

Buying a hot tub is a big commitment, and while they offer lots of benefits, they also have their drawbacks. To help make your decision easier, here are the best hot tub alternatives. 

Why Consider Buying a Hot Tub?

If you’ve ever sat in a hot tub, then you have reason enough to consider buying one. It’s pure bliss, and beyond the relaxation, it also offers some great health benefits. 

Soaking in a hot tub after a tough day can have many positive effects:

  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Burn calories
  • Better insulin sensitivity
  • Better sleep

It always seems like the unhealthy things are the most pleasurable, but when it comes to soaking in a hot tub, it’s not true at all!

Spas are great, so why might you be looking for a hot tub alternative?

Why Look for Hot Tub Alternatives?

We’ve talked about the health benefits of hot tubs, and we can all attest to the level of relaxation they offer. 

However, there are reasons why you don’t see them in every yard you walk by. They’re expensive, cumbersome, tricky to maintain, and can involve large running costs.

This holds a lot of people back from investing in a hot tub, and it’s a major reason so many people look for hot tub alternatives. When you’re looking at spending $7,000+ it’s natural to want to see what else is out there and whether there are more effective ways to spend your hard-earned money. 

That luxury feel of soaking in a perfectly heated hot tub might keep drawing you back, but there are other options out there.  

Four Hot Tub Alternatives

If you’re looking for a way to combine rest and relaxation with great health benefits then a hot tub isn’t your only option. Here are some hot tub alternatives that are well worth looking at. 


OK, so this one isn’t exactly a hot tub alternative. Softubs are hot tubs, but they address all the drawbacks we discussed with traditional spas. 

Softubs are made from innovative lightweight materials which means they’re completely portable. They can simply be rolled into place and all they need is a flat surface. Not only does this mean you can take your Softub with you wherever you go, but it also saves you time, money, and hassle that would be spent on preparing your site for a traditional hot tub. 

These hot tubs plug into a regular power outlet and are incredibly energy efficient. This can save you between $30-$65 a month in electricity costs.

Even better, Softubs are incredibly well priced, with the top-of-the-line Portico model coming in at under $7,000.

Swimming Pool

Water is a powerful thing, and if you don’t feel like a spa is the right option for you, then a swimming pool could be a great hot tub alternative. A swimming pool offers slightly different health benefits to a hot tub, but there are few better forms of exercise than a good swim. 

The difficulty is, if you’re considering hot tub alternatives, then a swimming pool has many of the same drawbacks as a spa. They’re expensive (the average pool costs $35,000), cumbersome, and can involve high operating costs. 

As such, a swimming pool vs a hot tub really comes down to personal preference rather than minimizing downsides. 


Infrared saunas offer some incredible health benefits. 

If you’re looking for a hot tub alternative (perhaps you want the health benefits but aren’t a big fan of water), then a sauna can be a great option. Price-wise, you’re looking around the same price range as a Softub, so it’s still an investment, but more manageable than a traditional hot tub. 

Hot tub alternatives - saunas


Looking at drawbacks, one of the key considerations is space. A Softub can be rolled into any space, but you do need to have plenty of space to fit a sauna. If that’s not a problem for you, then an infrared sauna could be the ideal hot tub alternative. 


Another excellent hot tub alternative is a steam room. 

Again, it offers a combination of health benefits and luxurious relaxation that’s difficult to beat. A shower steam room combo costs between $4,000 and $6,000 for the unit plus installation costs, and can be a great way to upgrade your bathroom. 

This can be an excellent use of the existing space you have, and give you a hot tub alternative at a similar cost. 

Conclusion: Hot Tub Alternatives

If you’ve recently sat in a hot tub and decided, “I’ve got to have one of these,” then it’s pretty difficult to move on from the idea. 

Luckily, there is an option that combines all of the benefits of a hot tub while limiting the drawbacks. A Softub is an ideal way to combine performance with practicality and value. 

There are many hot tub alternatives to look at, but first, you should check out Softubs. 

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