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Does Your Home Meet the Requirements for a Softub?

When customers begin shopping for a spa, the excitement factor is brimming with visions of relaxation, pain relief, and family fun!  Then at some point, they have to consider installation, and with the conventional spa model, this is where the headache begins. Issues of power requirements, perfectly level concrete slabs, drainage systems, professional licensing and permitting and the ability to get a crane into your backyard often stop people in their tracks, not just because of home altering logistics, but exorbitant costs that can often top several thousands of dollars just to make ready for the eventual spa purchase. This is where Softub turned this tired model on its head and became known as the easiest premium spa purchase on the market.


When people ask what are the requirements for owning a Softub, the list is gratifyingly short and sweet:


  1. Power:


Refreshingly, Softub plugs into most any standard 110v / 15 amp wall outlet. Our award-winning spas do not require the traditional 220v / 50 amp breaker installation of old-fashioned hot tubs, nor do they need to be hard-wired to your house’s existing electrical system. This eliminates a host of hassles, including the selection of an electrical contractor, obtaining official inspection reports and receipt of necessary permits. With a standard three prong plug, Softub connects to your home just like your favorite coffee maker or laptop—whether you rent or own, whether you’re in a starter home or upgrading your dream residence, being able to simply plug in and create an instant backyard vacation, makes Softub satisfyingly simple. And if you are truly mobile, let’s say…at your favorite mountain campsite for the weekend, Softub pulls less than 13 amps on startup, so your favorite, trusty generator will have you soaking fireside under a canopy of stars.


It is not always necessary, but it is recommended that the outlet for your Softub be on its own dedicated circuit in some scenarios. We encourage this practice to ensure that your tub has an adequate power supply.  An example of when this recommendation may come into play is on an older home where the outdoor plug is on the same circuit with the customer’s kitchen, and the refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances are commandeering power leaving insufficient juice for your soaking Shangri La. However, on newer home builds, it has become standard practice to isolate outdoor outlets from the rest of the home so these customers are instantly good to go. Additionally, the Softub plug is connected to 15 feet of industrial grade cord which has it’s own built in GFCI surge protector. This allows our customers to have an immediately grounded power connection as well as plenty of cord length to satisfy varied spa placement and distance from the outlet.



  1. Location/Space:


One of the key testaments to Softub’s global popularity is its time tested ability to be installed virtually anywhere. Any relatively level space is a perfect spot for an aquatic escape, and with polite footprints ranging from 5 feet to just over 6 ½ feet in diameter, most everyone has a perfect place for a Softub. From an intimate condo courtyard to a spacious seaside deck, from a charming paver patio to a grassy gardenia filled glade—the possibilities are almost limitless with Softub’s omni-purpose, streamlined design. In most cases, a simple visual inspection of the area where you want add your tub is sufficient.  The basic perimeters are: is the spot reasonably flat and does it provide at least 5 feet of usable space. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that.


With respect to getting a Softub into your backyard (or your indoor soaking area, for that matter), all of our spas weigh less than 80 pounds and are designed to roll through any standard doorway or gate. And if there’s no direct access—our tubs are lighter than a golden retriever, so placing them exactly where you want has never been easier. On grass, pea gravel, sand, cobblestone, aggregate, decking, cement, tile, carpet, and even bare earth—Softub is fully self-contained and its filled weight load on all models is less than 150 pounds per square foot. Light, rollable, and infinitely malleable, if you want a high quality spa that eliminates the installation insanity of it’s hard competitors, Evergreen Softub has the best soft tub hot tub for you!