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Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Tubs

When it comes to soothing aches and pain, wear and tear, and general feelings of discomfort, one of the first things that should come to mind is spending time in a hot tub. A soak in a hot tub can do a lot of good for people, including you. For thousands of years, people have understood the plethora of benefits and feelings of wellness after spending time soaking in heated water. In 1949 with the invention of the hot tub by Candido Jacuzzi, heated water therapy came even closer to home. However, if you don't happen to have a geothermal spring of your very own in your backyard, a hot tub is the next best thing to give you those very same kind of benefits. Better yet, a soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen Softub is an affordable, portable, and comfortable way to get a hot tub of your very own.

Soothe Your Aches And Pains

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub is the soothing of aches and pains. While this is true for many people, including professional athletes, it can just as easily be true for you. With a hot tub of your very own, you can spend time soaking away those sore legs after a busy day jogging, resting your back after a long week of work, or generally helping your whole body recover any time that you aren't feeling your absolute best, all in the convenience of your own home.

A Better Nights Sleep

If you are having a hard time getting a good, restful night's sleep, a soak in the hot tub just may be the thing for you. Whether you are having a hard time sleeping due to pain, stress, anxiety, or many other reasons, time spent in a hot tub can help cure what ails you. This is not just speculation, it's scientific fact that is actively backed up by the National Sleep Foundation in their study of the therapeutic benefits of soaking in a hot tub. The NSF stated that "soaking in hot water before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep." This transition to a deeper sleep means that you get more of the rest that you need to recover and wake up refreshed in the morning.

A Fun Way To Foster Bonds and Strengthen Relationships

When you spend time sitting in a hot tub with your friends or family, think about all of the fun and conversations that you could be having. Whether you are talking about old memories or making new ones, there is no end to the benefits of building those bonds. If you are spending time in the hot tub with your spouse or significant other, you can help foster that sense of love and belonging by talking about your day, plans for the future, or even work out problems in a stress-free environment. Time spent with friends, whether new or old, helps you strengthen existing friendships and even build new ones. After all, when you are in a hot tub, it's easy to get to know the people around you due to the closeness and the feeling of relaxation that helps foster conversation.

Increasing Blood Flow To Your Entire Body

If you suffer from poor circulation, spending time sitting in a hot tub can help increase blood flow throughout your entire body. This is done due to the dilation of blood vessels in the body, thereby increasing the general flow and healthy pressure of blood throughout your body. This increase in blood flow helps in many ways in many people that are experiencing muscle or joint pain through the delivery of oxygen and enabling the transmission of enzymes to areas that are causing you problems. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic stated that relaxing in a hot tub can be beneficial for heart disease patients due to this increase in blood flow. Increased blood flow is a good thing when it comes to helping you feel your absolute best on a daily basis, which is all the more reason that you should be spending time soaking in an Evergreen Softub of your very own.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Spending time in your hot tub is a great way to help you greatly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Whether you are experiencing these symptoms due to aches and pains from working out or suffer from them due to chemical imbalance, getting your body and mind back to feeling its absolute best gets a whole lot easier when you spend time soaking in your hot tub. This is accomplished through a plethora of different factors. First off, the introduction of buoyancy and weightlessness in water eases pressure in your joints and muscles. The introduction of heat to the water increases blood flow through vasodilation to give your muscles the blood they need and facilitates accelerated healing. When you add therapeutic massage through the use of powerful jets, your body releases endorphins, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, and pain in your body.

Reduction of The Effects of Diabetes

One of the lesser known and more significant therapeutic benefits of soaking in a hot tub is that according to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that bathing in a hot tub simulates the beneficial effects of exercise. The result of which is that patients with type 2 diabetes who soak in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks, experience a reduction in blood sugar levels by an average of 13%. This is significant when it comes to helping you manage your body's blood sugar levels in a natural and unobtrusive manner. While this may not be the cure to diabetes, it is however, another tool to help your body feel its absolute best.

Helping in Weight Management and Loss

If you are looking for another way to help you manage your current weight if you are happy and healthy, or facilitate in the loss of unwanted weight, spending time in your very own hot tub is a great way to do exactly that. In several clinical studies, patients who spend time in hot tubs lose an average of 3.5 lbs in body weight without introduction of any changes in diet or the addition of a physical exercise routine. When it comes down to it, who wouldn't want help in managing a healthy weight that does not result in more wear and tear on your body? Soaking in a hot tub provides similar results while helping you feel your absolute best by reducing aches and pains while facilitating weight management.

Helping You Perform Your Absolute Best

As an added benefit of spending time in a hot tub, easing your aches and pains can help you perform at the very top of your game. Whether you are a professional athlete, or just a weekend golfer, a hot tub can help you get more results out of your game. According to an article that was published in Tennis Magazine, the key to improving your game is by soaking in a hot tub after you are done playing. While the article was written largely in response to tennis, it is none the less applicable to all areas of sports and athletics. After all, who doesn't want to perform their absolute best on the court, on the green, or anywhere else?

Improving Your Range of Motion

While you already know that spending time in a hot tub can help you heal and recover from injuries as well as aches and pains, a side effect of this is the improvement of your range of motion. Whether you are talking about arms, legs, or any other aspect of your body, an increase in your range of motion can help reduce pain and make getting around a whole lot easier all the way around. This is done through restoration of lost flexibility and the reduction of joint inflammation. Low impact stretching and exercises designed to help facilitate this can ensure that your body is performing and feeling its absolute best, all thanks to spending time in your hot tub.

Relief From Pain and Discomfort From Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

There are some aches and pains that are more constant and more persistent and painful than others. If you suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia, spending time in a hot tub may help alleviate many of the symptoms that you may be experiencing. Several studies have discovered that patients experiencing these issues that follow a course of hydrotherapy treatment, report significant improvements in physical functionality, sleep quality, and the ability to do their jobs that is then accompanied by a reduction in pain intensity, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety, and depression associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Keep Your Body Looking Its Best

Beyond the internal benefits of spending time sitting in a hot tub, a soak in your Evergreen Softub can help you keep your body looking its absolute best. By the introduction of heated water to the body, pores open up and expel dirt and toxins from the skin. Skin cleansing can give your skin a more refreshed feeling and result in clearer skin at the end of the day. This can go a long way toward helping your body look its best and increasing your health in the process. Who knew that there could be so many benefits to owning and using a hot tub of your very own?

Some Things to Consider

While there are certainly many things to take notice of when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of spending time in a hot tub, there are also some considerations to be taken when it comes to getting those benefits in a safe manner. It is important that you know your limit when it comes to how long your body can handle the increased temperature of sitting in heated water. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to spend 15 to 30 minutes soaking in your hot tub. This allows you to get the most benefits with the least amount of risk to getting overheated. If you should start to feel dizzy, get a headache, or start to feel sick to your stomach, then you should get out of your hot tub immediately.

So Many Reasons To Choose An Evergreen Softub

It's easy to see why so many people choose to spend their time in a hot tub. After all, if you aren't feeling your absolute best, getting your body, mind, and spirit back to where it should be should be high on your priority list. The best way to get that kind of benefit and result without breaking the bank with a traditional hard-sided hot tub is by choosing an affordable, portable, and convenient soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen Softub. If you want the fun of sitting in a hot tub with the convenience of plugging into a 110v outlet, a more affordable price tag, and all of the benefits of a traditional hot tub, we can help. At Evergreen Softub, we offer a wide selection of colors and styles to fit your particular need and stay well within your price tag. Best of all, with options made for two, four, and even six people, you can get the additional benefits that come with spending time relaxing and bonding with your friends and family in your new hot tub and still have room for even more people. If you are looking for all of the therapeutic benefits of sitting in a hot tub, take a moment to browse our easy to navigate website or give us a call to get started today.