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The Secret to Good Sleep is Your Softub

We all know that a productive and enjoyable day is highly correlated with deep and restful slumber the night before. When we think of sleep deprivation, we often visualize taking a red-eye or being up all night with a baby, but in reality, sleep deprivation includes shortened sleep, waking too often, and the lack of long lasting deep slumber, which is the stage that restores our mind and body. Subpar sleep patterns have a plethora of side effects, including mood changes, memory issues, weight gain, decreased immune system, and even an increased risk of heart disease.


University sleep researchers in Austin have discovered in recent studies that warm (between 104-107 degree) hydrotherapy an hour or two before you head to bed, greatly improves sleep. This works by stimulating the body’s thermoregulatory system and balances our natural circadian rhythm. When we sleep, our body temperatures drop—soaking in a Softub triggers your body to warm up, and once you exit, your brain and central nervous system naturally begin lowering body temperature and preparing you for restorative sleep.  This water-based passive heating has shown in studies to help people not only fall asleep faster but stay asleep longer resulting in a healthier life.


Further, the feeling of having little to nothing left in the tank is a common complaint in the hurly burly of the daily grind. People around the country and globe seek out stimulants and supplements to stretch their body’s waking capabilities to an elastic limit in order to meet the demands of fast-paced 21st Century existence. But no measure of caffeinated cocktails has ever been demonstrated to hold a candle to the energy boosting effects of consistently restful sleep. Additionally, more humans than ever before struggle with getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and supplementary ingestion of bio-enhancing agents like melatonin have never been higher and in greater quantities. Quite simply, people are chronically fatigued, and yet they often have trouble blowing out the candle at the end of a long day’s journey.


This is where Softub provides a holistic treatment that begins with 24 hour a day access to a space that is always hot, in the privacy of your own home, and entirely free from distraction. Softub Hydrotherapy also directly treats a host of other major obstacles that prevent restful sleep, namely chronic pain, lingering stress, tech fatigue, and persistent anxiety. Put simply, creating a zone of peace and tranquility where social feeds and news cycles are not allowed teaches the body and mind to simply pause and let go. What happens as a result is the creation of an incredibly beneficial bedtime ritual of your own design that seamlessly puts a wrap on the day and releases you from the rollercoaster that life can become. Modern life can be both thrilling and tedious, rewarding and punishing, and existence in between the extremes can easily leave people lacking a pathway to inner peace. Softub is a phenomenal gateway to that state of tranquility that we all vitally need. How do we expect ourselves to sleep, if we don’t get off the ride?