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Softub And The Value Of Self Care

         At the start of any new year, there is always a big buzz about resolutions, self-improvement and new leaves to turn over as the calendar resets. Talk of goals to work smarter, be fitter, and live better permeates news feeds, social media outlets and our personal thoughts, leading us to a universal inquiry—how can I improve my life in the next twelve months? This year, however, our commitment to individual improvement has taken more of a center stage than ever before. Recent studies show we are working from home more, sleeping less and struggling to provide ourselves with avenues for meaningful and restorative self care. When it comes to relaxation rituals, many of us simply don’t have a routine for rejuvenation as we crown our days with unceremonious social-scrolling and binge-watching in a couch-bound collapse that does little to nothing to benefit our physical and mental well-being. If this sounds familiar, a solution to the self-care slump may be as easy as slipping on your swimsuit.


         Softub owners around the world use their spas for a myriad of reasons: physical fitness and recovery, pain relief, family bonding time and pure pleasure, just to name a few. At the core of all of these benefits, though, is an instinctual attraction to meaningful relaxation and restoration of both body and mind, and the unparalleled value of this practice cannot be overstated. In the fast-paced churn of modern life, we can often feel like we are in one of those old carnival tricks, where the performer is trying to keep multiple plates spinning atop slender poles, and the more plates we try to keep spinning, the more invariably fall and shatter. Though it is a crowd-pleasing accomplishment to keep all the plates spinning in seemingly impossible synchronicity, for the performer, the fevered pace cannot be sustained long, and life is no different. And when we step off our individual performative stages of work, parenting, home maintenance and the like, it is difficult not to be preoccupied by those plates we will need to spin when our daily show begins anew.

This is where Softub can be so instrumental in helping both mind and body to just let go and enjoy the embrace of weightless warmth. By stepping into your own personal zen zone, allowing the hot water and powerful jets to activate your senses while soothing soreness and stress, you are giving yourself a phenomenally therapeutic pathway to personal replenishment. Our customers universally recognize that turning off the world’s whirring motor for a few leisurely minutes of quality relaxation is worth far more to their overall well-being than hours of plugging into the mind-numbing media-scape. Additionally, having a ready-made, instantly accessible daily reward for the hard work they do gives Softub owners a recreational retreat that bookends their days with a holistically-centered activity that is intimately focused on self-healing. Teaching ourselves to embrace the calm is invariably easier when the feeling of peace is accompanied by sheer, effortless enjoyment. We invite you to put yourself at the top of the priority list this year and indulge in one of our plug-and-play aquatic sanctuaries. Your self care just got dialed up to eleven, and your Softub backyard adventure is about to begin! Get ready for your daily reward!