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Softub Quick Buyer’s Guide

            Choosing Softub for your hot and bubbling backyard getaway is the absolutely simplest way to give your relaxation time a serious upgrade. No other premium spa in the industry offers such effortless installation and limitless application. So if you’re looking for a top shelf hot tub experience that goes with you wherever your life’s adventure leads, Softub is the ideal spa for your new relaxation retreat!

            When launching your new Softub backyard getaway, there are a few simple things to consider that will ensure your experience is both smooth and ideal. The following is a short guide to help you easily add a brilliant new Softub sanctuary to your leisure time at home.


  1. Number Of Users & Desired Activities


            When talking with customers about the perfect Softub for their needs, we often ask them, “How many people will be using your Softub on the busiest day?” We make this inquiry because people often think about their most frequent user scenario, i.e. I’m just looking for a tub for me and my spouse/partner. However, we recommend thinking about the possibilities of who might join you for a soothing soak from time to time, like holiday relatives, growing kids and close friends. If you think that there will be occasions when you need room to share, consider choosing a Softub model that allows for these happy instances. It is also useful to think about the kinds of activities you will enjoy in your Softub. Will it be your quiet place to soak and heal? Will you use the space for aquatic exercise and semi-weightless aerobic activity? How about family fun time and backyard entertaining? You’re answer might include a bit of all these usage possibilities, and if this is the case, we rarely ever have customers tell us, “I wish I’d gotten the smaller one.” Even if you are the only person who will ever use your Softub, make sure you choose a model that specially satisfies both where you want to put your Softub and the kinds of activities you want to enjoy in it. 

  1. Space

            Softub is one of the most space-saving spas on the market, and its light-weight portability, with all models weighing less than 80 pounds, makes it seamlessly possible to add a Softub to a myriad of residential locales. Remember, however, that you want the tub to be not only convenient but spatially manageable in your desired location. To this end, remember that the Hydromate Pumping System connects to the side of your Softub and extends approximately 18 inches out from the tub body. As the tub is round, customers often angle the Hydromate into a corner position to conserve your spa’s total footprint. All this said, it is recommended that when planning your Softub setup, reserve an additional 18 inches for your pumping system to attach to the tub body.

            Additionally, we recommend thinking about convenient access. When placing your Softub in a given area, take into account door openings, wall-plug availability and at least a small measure of walking room around the spa’s site placement. We suggest choosing a location that does not obscure doorways, has enough extra space to allow easy entry and exit from your tub and is within 12 feet of an available 115V outlet.

            Lastly, when planning the place for your Softub retreat, a relatively flat area is important for maximum enjoyment. This can be on a huge variety of surfaces, including grass, pea gravel, sand, pavers, concrete and wood. Most patios, porches and decks have a slight slope to ensure that rainwater recedes from doorways; this is expected and will not affect Softub’s normal operation. Even surfaces like aggregate still serve well for installation as each Softub is equipped with a rubberized, water-repellant pad on the bottom that helps to smooth out surface imperfections for a supple, cushioned soaking space inside.


  1. Power Requirements


         Softub has long been known as the original, premium plug-and-play hot tub. Our spas have also become celebrated around the world for their patented Hydromate Pumping System that allows owners simultaneous jet power and heating on a single wall outlet at an unprecedented average electrical cost of under $15 a month. Affordable, portable and satisfyingly simple—that’s why people around the world choose Softub. This said, the Softub setup instructions do specify a Dedicated 115V Outlet, and this leaves some new buyers with potential questions and concerns as to whether or not their desired location for spa placement satisfies this criteria. To unpack this stipulation a bit, Softub operates on approximately 13 amps of power, so a standard household outlet serves perfectly under most circumstances. The dedicated reference is a topic of inquiry for certain customers, however, and this is why Softub includes this parameter in its power requirements. On newer home construction, most outdoor power outlets are specifically placed on an independent circuit. However, on some older homes, outdoor receptacles may be piggy-backed on a circuit that connects to other power outlets inside the house. This can be problematic, for example, if the outdoor outlet is on the same circuit as a home’s kitchen. In this case, the major appliances in that room are going to reserve the bulk of the amps available on that circuit, leaving insufficient power for the Softub’s operation. In other scenarios, the outdoor outlet is on a shared circuit, but no major amperage is being reserved by small power draws like lights and televisions. For best results, avoid attempting to power a Softub on the same circuit as portable air-conditioners, frost freezers and other large appliances. This will ensure your Softub has ample juice to provide on-demand, steaming relaxation whenever you desire without overloading circuits and causing inconvenient and unwanted system resets.


  1. Get Excited—You Deserve It!


            Adding a Softub to your life will provide physiological benefits as well as create cherished memories for years to come. Its inherent portability will allow you to step off the treadmill of life’s frenzied pace whenever your wish and relocate your relaxation station anytime you desire. Whether moving your Softub to a new residence or just rolling it to a different corner of your property to view a new slice of nature’s canopy, Softub allows you to celebrate your world with a spontaneous setting for a daily dose of well-earned, peaceful pleasure. Check out our specific model comparisons here on our website, and feel free to to reach out with any questions you have at You are about to begin a phenomenal journey of wellness and relaxation, and we can’t wait to help you take the first step!