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Softub, Hydrotherapy & The Power Of Semi-Weightless Warmth

         The healing power of water is an instinct that the myriad of species on our planet understand on a cellular level. As babies, we spent the better part of 9 months of growing, suspended in water. So we unconsciously recognize our intimate and universal connection with water as the source of life, and returning to its nurturing embrace through hydrotherapy feels almost as natural as breathing.

         As our bodies develop and age, we unanimously encounter the effects of living outside water in the harsh and body-stressing encroachment of our planet’s gravity. Our skeletal frames, joints and muscles are invariably affected, not just by our activities, but by the force that firmly tethers us and presses us to the Earth. In short, gravity hurts, and we exercise, tone and train our bodies to function better and live stronger within its constant compression. Yet joint replacements, musculoskeletal ailments and general systemic fatigue are common amongst modern humans, and this is not to mention plain, old-fashioned life-impacting injury. That turned ankle, that ruptured disk, that torn rotator cuff—when the universe throws these kinds of curveballs, life just gets harder. And for billions of people around the globe, getting back in the water is the simplest and most intuitive path to relief.

         We cannot say enough about the power of becoming semi-weightless in warm water, and Softub has long been known for its deep and supple soaking spaces that maintain a classic open attitude to allow owners the freedom to move and stretch, twist and turn to restore their flexibility, range of motion and overall physical comfort. And as the steaming, liquid heat penetrates into the body’s tender recesses, relieving inflammation, lactic acid build-ups and other physiological deterrents, the body feels renewed and invigorated because, as we all know instinctually, everything we do goes more smoothly and is easier for us to accomplish when we are out of pain. Fighting debilitating discomfort is an all-day everyday reality for people from all walks of life. Countless ointments and supplements and pharmaceutical treatments litter the landscape of potential treatments, but in the end, Softub owners know that a daily dose of hydrotherapy does more, naturally, for their physical and mental wellbeing than a medicine cabinet full of prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers. Just twenty minutes in a Softub can provide all-day ease of soreness, stiffness and energy-sapping pain. When coupled with mild to moderate stretching, flexing and aquatic calisthenics, your Softub can easily be the wellness therapy you look forward to as it always provides relief that is no further than your backyard. Many people get prescribed a regiment of hydrotherapy at a facility in their specific geographical area. However, statistics show that often, after just one or two sessions, they stop going to these appointments, not because hydrotherapy isn’t benefitting them, but the hassle of planning, driving and expending travel time to feel better often seems harder than doing nothing at all. And these folks then face the tired and demoralizing acceptance that they will never feel better. Regular hydrotherapy users believe, on the other hand, that life has more to offer them when their pain is reduced, and stepping into a Softub is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to achieve a meaningful reprieve from pain’s vice-like grip.

         So turn up the temperature, kick the jets on high, immerse your body in semi-weightless bliss and watch what happens when discomfort dulls. Be more vital, live more fully and provide yourself with a path easier to tread. Getting  back in the water feels like going home, and your body knows that to its core. Softub can give you an instant escape from gravity’s grind. Feeling better is not a luxury—it is a necessity.