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Bring On The Powder, Soak In The Steam!

         One of the most frequently asked questions is how does Softub do in cold weather? The answer is…it performs like a boss! The poly-bond memory foam at the core of Softub’s construction serves as an incredible thermal insulator, much akin to putting a giant thermos around your spa water. When coupled with its Deluxe Thermal Flip-Top Lid constructed from thick, high-density hard-shell foam, you have the perfect pairing to effectively fend off winter’s chill. Many of of our customers first discover Softub while on vacation at a host of mountain getaways in the U.S., Canada and Europe. As they step off the slopes and return to their lodge or chalet, they relish in the ability to shed their ski jackets and snowsuits and jump in to a steaming Softub sanctuary that warms them to the core.

         Softub’s patented Hydromate Pumping System plays a huge role in our sizzling success in cold climates as well. It’s ability to replenish the tub’s heat continually by drawing waste energy from the 1 1/2 horsepower pumping mechanism allows for much greater residual temperature control in sub-zero conditions than any other plug-in system on the market. This allows Softub users to enjoy long, leisurely soaks in piping-hot heaven while the flurries fall where they may. And with the Hydromate’s revolutionary heat-reclamation technology, our customers can enjoy a tropical, bubbly escape for a fraction of the energy cost of any other spa in the industry.

         So if you’re looking to add a soothing vacation amenity to a mountain hideaway or ski-side cottage, or if you just want a time-tested, premium hot tub that can be placed anywhere winter paints your home in white, Softub is an excellent choice for satisfying, simple hydrotherapy. With minimal to no installation cost, all models weighing less than 80 pounds and the ability to plug into any standard 115V power source, there is no easier way to create a little backyard magic than with Softub’s celebrated spa design. Whether you’re looking for a intimate 2-Person soaker or a sprawling 4-6

Person hydro-hideaway, Softub is ready to turn up the temperature on your relaxation and recovery. With its flexible, super-insulated construction, patented heat-recovery design and limitless application possibilities, Softub delivers powerful jetted massage, padded, supple comfort, and steaming satisfaction to warm your bones and invigorate your senses, wherever you take off your snow boots. So you can hit the moguls and the slopes knowing that Softub will ease away the cold! Tips up, my friends!