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Round Hot Tubs for Two, Four, Or Six People

There is just something special about a round hot tub. A round hot tub brings a more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to better interact with those you choose to share your time with. Whether you are enjoying a romantic evening with someone special or hanging out with friends and family in your new hot tub, there is nothing else like a round hot tub. Evergreen Softub is proud to offer a remarkable line of soft-sided hot tubs big enough for two, four, or six people, depending on your needs and your space consideration. Our hot tubs take up less physical space due to their efficient design and give you a more comfortable seat to soak your cares away.

A More Affordable Way to Relax

When you think about traditional hard-sided hot tubs, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the cost. With the majority of models costing $7,500 and up, a hard-sided hot tub can make a major dent in your wallet right from the get-go. Add in the additional cost of site preparation, the cost of hiring an electrician to come to add power to the site, and landscaping after your tub is set, and you have a serious project on your hands. An Evergreen Softub, on the other hand, comes in at a considerably more affordable price tag, gives you the ability to plug into a standard 110v outlet, and sets up just about anywhere you have a flat space. What could possibly be better than that.

The Perfect Size Soft Tub For You

If you really had to think about it, what size of hot tub would you get? How many people are you planning on sitting in your hot tub with? Are you likely to need more space than you currently do? No matter what answer you come up with after you do your planning, there is a perfect Evergreen Softub size for you. Starting with the 2-person 140 Sportster/Roadster, a quiet comfortable soak is in your near future. Progressing up to the 220 Legend, you get comfortable seating for 4 adults. Finally, with the 300 Resort and the 300 Portico, you get plenty of room for up to six in a comfortable soft-sided hot tub of your very own. No matter your needs, an Evergreen Softub is the answer.

Portable No Matter The Size

One of the most significant advantages that only comes from choosing an Evergreen Softub is the supreme portability that comes with it. No matter what size you choose, portability is a major component of this innovative and well-designed hot tub. Starting with a total empty weight of 107 lbs with the 140 Sportster/Roadster 2 person spa, 127 lbs for the four-person 220 Legend, and finally maxing out at 147 lbs with the 300 Resort/Poseidon model, having the ability to bring your new hot tub with you during a move, or even a vacation, is a great feeling. Get the portability that you are looking for with your next hot tub, get an Evergreen Softub today.