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Softub Care Guide

Softubs are built to provide high-level performance and often last more than two decades after purchase. While the superior Polybond Foam interior and marine-grade vinyl exterior provide excellent durability, routine maintenance is necessary for Softub owners to keep their tubs safe and in great condition. 

Why Is It Important to Properly Care for Your Softub?

The structure of your Softub needs to be maintained regularly to ensure years of relaxation in your at-home spa. Water treatment and care are also essential to remove organic impurities and microorganisms while maintaining the water's pH and alkalinity levels. Using the right products helps ensure the longevity and maximum performance of your Softub.

How to Take Care of Your Softub 

Caring for your Softub starts before filling it with water. Here are some basic startup procedures and periodic maintenance tips:

  1. Smooth wrinkles: Smooth out wrinkles at the bottom of the Softub before filling past the first inch of water. Move your hand from the middle outward to prevent permanent wrinkles from forming on the surface of the liner. 
  2. Close the valve: Keep the gray valve on the top of the power bank closed when you're not using your Softub and during the initial heating period. When left open, the valve lets outside air in, which affects heat retention. Only open the valve when using your Softub.
  3. Let hose water run: If you're filling your Softub using a garden hose, allow the water to run for a few minutes before filling the tub to flush out any bacteria and microorganisms that might have accumulated inside the hose.
  4. Use the "rinse-off" policy: Enforce a "rinse-off" policy for everyone before they enter the tub. Softub enjoyers should remove excess makeup, oils and fragrances to ensure the water remains clean.
  5. Clean the filter: Remove the Softub filter and clean it at least monthly. Be sure to detach and attach the filter only when the Softub is warm and the pump is on standby. We recommend changing the filter at least annually and changing the filter cartridge when it requires more frequent cleaning or can't be cleaned anymore.
  6. Ensure the water level is high enough: Make sure the water level is above all the nozzles before plugging the motor into the mains.
  7. Drain and refill: Drain and refill your Softub at least every quarter to get rid of dirty water and maintain the safety and hygiene of your spa. You may need to drain your spa earlier if you notice excess foaming or water that's smelly, cloudy or imbalanced. Draining also provides an opportunity to wipe down the interior of your Softub using a damp cloth with clean water. Remember to unplug before you start draining.
  8. Clean the rim: Clean the rim of the tub regularly with a soft scrub pad and some baking soda to prevent the formation of a waterline ring. Be gentle as you scrub to prevent scratching and damaging the Softub.
  9. Protect the exterior: Use the Aerospace 303 to clean the outside of your Softub. You can also use the Softub Vinyl Conditioner monthly to protect the exterior of your Softub, including the lid and the power pack, from UV exposure and other elements. 

What Chemicals Do You Need for Your Softub?

Maintaining the water is key in caring for and maintaining the safety and comfort of your spa while also ensuring the tub's longevity. Here are some of the water treatment chemicals you need on hand for your Softub:

  • Chlorine: Chlorine is an effective Softub sanitizer that kills waterborne bacteria, germs and impurities. The chlorine schedule is typically determined by how frequently you use your spa and the amount of contaminants in the water.

What Chemicals Do You Need for Your Softub?

You may also want these products to take care of your Softub water:

Softub Water Treatment Guide

When treating your water, remember to add each chemical separately, and never add chemicals to an empty tub. Here are some tips:

  • Consider pre-dissolving or pre-diluting the water treatment chemicals before adding them to the Softub to prevent the granules from damaging the vinyl exterior. 
  • Swirl the water continuously when adding the water treatment chemicals until they're entirely dissolved or diluted. You can also warm up the spa before adding the water treatment products to ensure they dissolve better. 
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for chemical use and storage.
  • Air the tub for at least 30 minutes with the cover completely off after adding chemicals.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of chlorine to the water weekly, and be careful not to add excess. You can determine if it's time to add more chlorine if the Softub liner feels slippery. Ideally, the liner should feel dry to the touch. 
  • Use test strips to check the pH balance of your Softub at least every 10 days, and add either the Softcare pH up or Down granules to balance the levels.
  • Avoid using soft water in your Softub because it tends to suck minerals from the container it's in. If you must use soft water, be sure to add calcium to the water to raise the mineral levels and prevent damage to your Softub.

Shop Water Care Products for Your Softub

Shop Water Care Products for Your Softub

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