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How to Take Care of Your Softub

Your Evergreen Softub is a lifestyle investment that promotes relaxation through hydrotherapy. Keeping it in prime condition allows you to maximize its value. This comprehensive Softub care guide provides the information you need for accurate spa maintenance and years of enjoyment.

What Chemicals Do I Need for My Softub?

Your spa delivery comes complete with a Softub water treatment guide and a starter kit containing the essential chemicals and test strips you'll need for sparkling clarity and a superb feel.


A sanitizer helps prevent and control bacteria growth in your spa, and we've specially formulated Softcare Chlorine for use in your Softub. This granular chlorine is simple to use and effectively removes water impurities while killing bacteria and germs. You'll add Softcare Chlorine during the initial fill-up and as needed when indicated by your test strips. The exact amount and frequency will depend on how often you use the spa and what challenges your water presents, but you'll generally add about 1 to 2 tablespoons weekly.

pH Balancers

Accurate water alkalinity is vital to prevent skin irritation or damage to your tub's appearance. We include a supply of pH Up and pH Down with your starter kit. Test your water every 10 days for pH balance, and gradually add 1 tablespoon at a time of the right chemical to bring the water to the correct levels.

Metal and Stain Eliminator

Water can contain several metals and minerals that can cause liner staining. We recommend adding our exclusive Softcare GON Metal and Stain Eliminator during the initial fill-up and whenever you change the water. This engineered formula effectively neutralizes those elements to preserve your tub's visual appeal and balance the water.

Mineral Purifier

Mineral purifiers boost the performance of your sanitizer and reduce the need for more frequent chlorine treatments. These in-filter solutions slowly introduce metallic ions into the water that help kill bacteria and control algae growth. Our Spa Frog mineral purifier lasts up to four months and supports up to 50% less sanitizer use!

How Often Should I Change the Water?

Remove and rinse out the filter monthly and do a complete water change every three to four months. A sump pump makes quick work of draining the tub, and you'll add the same chemicals when refilling that you did during the initial fill-up. Your Softub owner's manual contains the instructions if you need a refresher course.

How Do I Maintain the Interior?

Once you've drained the tub, you can simply wipe the inside with a soft rag or sponge and clean water — never use abrasives or soaps on your spa's interior.

How Do I Maintain the Exterior?

We've created a unique line of maintenance products for the Softub's vinyl exterior. Use our vinyl cleaner monthly to remove dirt, and follow it with a treatment of our vinyl conditioner to extend its life span and protect it from the elements.

Enjoy Your Softub for Years to Come

We've crafted our premium quality Softubs to last with regular maintenance — many of our owners enjoy two decades or more of hydrotherapeutic use! Combine these tips with information from your Softub owner's manual, or contact a relaxation specialist online for more advice.