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Softub spas offer a pleasant, relaxing experience, which likely means you use yours often. It can be frustrating when issues arise that prevent you from enjoying your tub to its fullest. Fortunately, many of these are easy to fix, so you can get back to a rejuvenating soak sooner.

Explore some common challenges and their solutions below.

1. Water Issues

Water treatment and upkeep are important when you own a Softub. Keeping it clean and clear will improve your experience as you soak.

Some water concerns that may arise include:

  • Cloudy green water: Low sanitizer levels are typically why your Softub water is green and cloudy. Adding a chlorinating sanitizer to the water according to the instructions will help you restore clarity by returning sanitizer levels to normal.
  • Scum deposit and excess foam: Lotions, oils and other additives can contaminate the water, leaving scum lines and foam. You can remove the scum with baking soda and a scrubbing brush and treat your tub with Softcare Defoam and chlorine to eliminate foaminess.
  • Water odor: An excess of organic water pollutants is usually why your Softub has an odor. Eliminate these pollutants and unpleasant water smells by following the recommended maintenance schedule with chlorine.
  • Cloudy water: Too many organic pollutants, imbalanced pH or alkalinity levels, or a dirty filter can turn the water cloudy or murky. Test and balance the water with Softcare pH Up or pH Down and ensure that the sanitizer levels are where they should be. Adding Softcare Filter Renu can help clean a dirty filter. 
  • Brown water: High iron or manganese concentrations are the likeliest explanations for why your Softub water is brown. You can correct the pH level and mineral balance with Softcare Metal Gon, helping to restore the water's natural color.

Our guide to water maintenance has solutions for other potential water quality issues that could occur.

2. Tub Leaks

Since Softubs are exposed to water and have their own plumbing system, occasional leaks can happen. In most cases, the issue is minor and related to loose bolts or clamps that you can tighten yourself. A faulty motor unit may also cause a leak. 

If your Softub has a consistent leak, consider contacting your Softub distributor or a qualified local plumber for help.

3. Jet Malfunctions

Several issues may occur with the Softub's jets that you can troubleshoot on your own. Consider the following scenarios and suggestions:

  • The jets won't activate: Inactivating jets often stem from a faulty voltage supply or motor. Try pressing the LED temperature display or the JETS button to confirm they come on. They should do so instantly, as this is one of the main features of Softubs. If it takes longer than usual, unplug the unit to reset it for a few hours before reconnecting the power and trying again. Contact your local Softub technician for help if the jets still won't activate.
  • The jets won't turn off: Control valves regulate the air to the jets. When they don't fully shut, the jets keep operating. Try turning the switch on and off several times to test or reset the valve. If it doesn't correctly engage, consult a qualified local technician. 
  • The jets are too weak: Suction issues are a common cause of weak jets, typically resulting from an obstruction in the inlets. Check these spots for obvious blockages, like leaves or debris, and clear any you find. Air in the plumbing can also create weak jets. This issue is more common following a refill. To remove air trapped in the system, pause the refill when the water level is about 2 inches above the jets. Switch them on and off a few times to help dispel any excess air. If the problem persists, contact your Softub dealer or local technician.
  • The jets lose power during use: If one or more jets lose power during your soak, an obstruction in the motor or pipes may be the cause. Check the entire system to ensure no blockages are preventing normal operation.

How to Stay on Top of Your Softub Maintenance 

Keeping up with recommended maintenance is vital to keeping your Softub in its best condition. Always refer to the owner's manual and care and maintenance brochures for model-specific schedules and advice. By being proactive, you can identify and resolve issues before they worsen to help ensure your Softub's longevity.

Get Additional Support From Evergreen Softub and Sauna

Evergreen Softub and Sauna is the country's largest Softub distribution partner. We've earned that distinction through an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and support. If you're experiencing issues with your tub that we haven't mentioned, we have the resources to help.

Check out our video tutorials on spa maintenance and chemicals or how to remove and replace filters and jets. You can also reach out to us online or visit our technical service center for local assistance in the greater Auburn, Washington, area.

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