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Can You Winterize a Softub?

If you don't plan on using your softub during the winter, you'll want to winterize it to keep it in top condition and protected from snow, ice and cold temperatures. Here is how to properly care for your softub during the winter months.

How to Store Your Softub in the Winter

The winterizing process involves draining the tub, cleaning the parts and turning it off to keep your softub in its best condition until you get it out again. Though winterizing has many steps, they're easy enough to do on your own. Follow these steps to drain water from your softub:

  1. Remove the filter cartridges and immerse them in a filter cleaning solution.
  2. Drain the softub, using a submersible pump if needed.
  3. Disconnect the motor from the tank and the light plug.
  4. Turn the plumbing toward the ground to drain the water, tilting the basin and motor toward the fittings. Leaving moisture in your softub can cause frost damage.
  5. Clean the tub and lines with a softub cleaner.

You should also do the following to keep your softub and its parts in top condition:

  • Clean and dry the basin with a towel.
  • Store your softub and its parts where you can keep it flat and out of the elements, like in an enclosed protective cover.
  • Prop towels between the lid and tank to promote air circulation in the softub.
  • Put cloths in the pipe connections to close them off and keep the softub clean.

Softub Winter Care Troubleshooting and Tips

To protect your softub this winter, keep these softub winter care tips in mind:

  • Allow more heat-up time: Your softub will take more time to heat up to your selected water temperature because of the cold weather. Factor in more time to heat your softub before you want to use it.
  • Use a floating cover: Keep water in the softub with a floating spa cover or a solar cover. These covers protect the water's surface to prevent evaporation and heat loss. Evaporation rates are higher in the winter because of the windier conditions, drier air and greater temperature difference between the water and air.
  • Prevent snow buildup: Sweep your spa cover to remove snow and ice. The weight of the snow and ice can damage the cover. Do not use a shovel to remove the snow because it could damage the vinyl material.
  • Check your softub regularly: Throughout the winter, check on your softub to make sure water isn't entering the tub through or around the spa cover.

Can You Use Your Softub in the Winter? 

Softubs are designed to use year-round — even in the middle of winter. You can enjoy the hot water in the cold weather, or you can use your softub for hydrotherapy. If you plan to continue using your softub, you don't need to go through the winterization process. 

Learn More About Softub Maintenance

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Learn More About Softub Maintenance