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Hot Tubs For Decks

When it comes to finding the right hot tub to fit your specific deck, there are a lot of considerations that must be taken to ensure that your new hot tub will fit the bill. Is your current deck rated to carry the amount of weight that comes with putting a hot tub on it? What kind of power do you have available to tie your hot tub into? How much space do you actually have to put a hot tub on? While these aren't all of the things that should be considered, they will certainly give you a good start to improve upon when it comes to getting a hot tub that you can enjoy for years to come on the comfort and convenience of your own deck. Taking a look at all of the hot tubs available from Evergreen Softub is the first step toward getting everything that you could possibly want in one affordable, great looking, and comfortable package.

Simply Plug It In

If you think about all of the decks out there across the country, most of them are sure to have an outlet present for use outside. Thankfully, this is all that you need to plug your new hot tub in on your deck. All of the hot tubs available from Evergreen Softub feature a plug and play capability thanks to an appliance cord with a built-in GFCI cord cap. This means that as long as you have an outlet on your deck, there is no reason you can't enjoy time well spent in a hot tub. For many other traditional hot tubs, more power is needed to achieve the same results, resulting in more upfront cost for you at the end of the day.

A Lighter Option For Your Deck

When it comes to choosing the right hot tub for your deck, the most consideration that should be made is ensuring that your deck is built to support any and all weight that you put on it. Sure, having access to power is important, but if it can't be done safely, it doesn't matter. Thankfully, all of the hot tubs from Evergreen Softub are much lighter, both full and empty, than traditional hard-sided hot tubs. Even the largest models, the 300 Portico and the 300 Resort, are a mere 167 lbs empty and sport a surprisingly light fille weight of 2,735 lbs. It is important to remember that weight includes the tub and water, and does not include the added weight of the people sitting in it. A professional structural engineer for an experienced general contractor can help you ensure that your deck, no matter how small, is up to the task.

Portability to Go

If you currently own a traditional hard-sided hot tub, the thought of rebuilding your deck or moving your hot tub to a new deck in the event of a move is not something that most people want to consider. After all, there is very little portability when it comes to a traditional hot tub. A soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen Softub is a great way to get the portability to take your hot tub with you in the even of a move or remodel. Choose a hot tub from us, and never be stuck in the same spot again thanks to the portability of a soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen.

Evergreen Softub has 2 person, 4 person, and 6 person 110v hot tubs.