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Benefits of infrared sauna

Aside from luxurious levels of comfort, there are plenty more reasons to invest in an infrared sauna. There are a variety of different health benefits to infrared saunas, making them an extremely popular option.

Let’s take a look at seven less known benefits of an infrared sauna.

Infrared Without Ultraviolet

The sun provides us with some incredible health benefits. Unfortunately, the effects of too much exposure to the sun can also be extremely damaging. 

This is partly due to the different wavelengths the sun emits. Infrared waves are longer than visible light, and they bring some well-recognized benefits. Ultra-violet light has shorter wavelengths than visible light and they also bring some health benefits, but they can also be quite harmful. 

A benefit of infrared saunas is they give you the benefits of infrared light on demand without exposing yourself to more harmful ultraviolet light.

Oxygen Flow and Circulation

The source of many of the benefits of infrared saunas is improved oxygen and circulation. 

Blood and oxygen carried in the blood in particular have incredible healing powers. As the infrared light penetrates your body, it encourages increased oxygen flow and improved circulation, setting in motion an array of different processes.

Infrared sauna health benefits

This is an essential part of optimum health, and it’s a key principle of infrared sauna therapy.


Using an infrared sauna is a great way to help your body detox.

The increased blood flow from infrared light helps to remove impurities and toxins that build up in your cells. It’s common for cholesterol and heavy metals to be stored in fat cells, and one of the main benefits of an infrared sauna is that they help to remove these impurities. 

The heat from the sauna stimulates your sweat glands, releasing the built-up toxins out through your skin. This can help improve your overall wellness and leave you feeling healthier.

Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

When you improve your health on the inside, it starts to show on the outside as well. 

Our skin is our biggest organ, so it’s important to look after it. Luckily, there are lots of infrared sauna skin benefits. After a few minutes in a sauna, you start to build up a sweat, which helps expunge your skin of deeply embedded impurities. 

The increased circulation will also help draw your natural nutrients to the surface of your skin, giving you a fresh glow. This can make a big difference to different conditions including cellulite, acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, and cuts.

Relieve Stress and Fatigue

Just as relaxing in the sun can help relieve stress and help you feel revitalized, so can a short time in an infrared sauna. 

We live hectic, stressful lives, and an infrared sauna can be the perfect tonic for this. 

Yet another benefit of infrared saunas is the way it affects the autonomic nervous system. Infrared rays have been proven to put your body in a parasympathetic state (a rest and digest mode). 

This allows your body to work on its healing processes, relieving your stress and replenishing your energy reserves.

Ease Joint and Muscle Pain

We all suffer from aches and pains from time to time. As well as helping ease day-to-day joint and muscle pain, infrared saunas also help patients suffering from many forms of arthritis.

As we mentioned, blood is an amazing healer, but sometimes our bodies need a helping hand to bring it to the areas that need it. This is a huge benefit of infrared saunas, helping to ease joint pain and stiffness, and aid the recovery of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, and other muscular-skeletal ailments.

Aid Weight Loss and Increase Metabolism

When you’re sitting enjoying your infrared sauna it might not seem like it, but regular sauna use has been shown to give a similar boost to your cardiovascular system as running. 

You might be sat down enjoying the warmth, but your body is working hard to pump blood, produce sweat, and burn calories. This helps to kickstart your metabolism and can help aid weight loss. 

It’s just another benefit of infrared saunas, and when you have your own it’s easy to make the most of these benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Conclusion: Benefits of Infrared Saunas

The benefits of infrared saunas are numerous and can make a real difference to your health. 

From improved circulation to weight loss, pain relief, and healthier skin, infrared light has some amazing healing properties. While you’re naturally exposed to some infrared rays when you’re in the sun, an infrared sauna is a great way to top up on them without exposing yourself to more harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you’re thinking about investing in a sauna, then the health benefits of infrared saunas make them an excellent option.  

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