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Plug and Play Hot Tubs

If only everything in life was as easy as owning a plug and play hot tub. Just imagine, getting that same great experience of soaking in your very own hot tub in the comfort of your home without all of the additional expenses that often come with purchasing a hot tub. Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? Yes, you can get the benefit of water therapy, the ability to soak your muscle soreness away, in the comfort of your own home without having to break the bank, thanks to an innovative design on a soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen Softub.

Same Great Experience, Less Upfront Cost

No, you don't have to buy a traditional hard-sided hot tub to get that same great experience in your home. When you choose a plug and play soft-sided hot tub from Evergreen Softub, you get access to the world of hot tub ownership without the additional costs. Many traditional hot tubs require more power and more amperage than many homeowners are able to provide. That means that you have to bring in a licensed electrician, contractor, and other personnel to ensure that your home and space are set up to handle your new hot tub. Choosing a Softub means that all you need is a flat surface and a 110v outlet to enjoy time in your tub. Same great experience and less upfront cost is exactly what you get with your new Evergreen Softub.

A Size For Everyone and Anyone

If you are worried about having enough room to fit your friends and family in your new soft-sided hot tub, worry should be the last thing on your mind. When you choose Evergreen Softub for your next new hot tub, you get a plug and play option to fit anywhere from 2-6 grown adults without having to stress about where you can put it or if you have enough power available to wire it in. When you choose a Softub from Evergreen, you can take control of your hot tub experience by getting the perfect size Softub to fit your needs or particular application with an affordable price tag to fit your budget as well. Just remember, when you shop for your next new hot tub with us, you can take control of your hot tub experience one dip at a time with room for everyone and anyone.

Ultimate Portability

If the thought of bringing your hot tub on vacation with you sounds like exactly what you are looking for, then you need to see all of the reasons that your next new hot tub should be an Evergreen Softub. While not as portable as inflatable hot tubs, soft-sided hot tubs feature more durability and more comfort than inflatable hot tubs by giving you comfortable seats and quality materials all while maintaining an easily manageable weight. This means that not only is it capable of traveling with you, it is more likely to survive the trip. When it comes to traditional hard-sided hot tubs, portability is the last thing that should be on your mind. See what we mean, and take a closer look at the impressive array of hot tubs available at Evergreen Softub today.