Basic Start Up Procedures & Chemical Maintenance Instructions.

When filling your Softub it is important to smooth out the liner at the bottom of the tub before you fill above the first inch of water. Smoothing out the liner will prevent permanent wrinkles from forming in the liner surface.

If you are proceeding to fill a 300 model Softub, be sure to smooth out the liner in the seating area as well.

Always make sure the gray jet valve, on top of the power pack, is closed when you are not using the tub. If the gray jet valve is left open, outside air can come in and heat retention could be drastically affected. The gray jet valve is open only during time when the Softub is in use, but keep it closed during the initial heating up period.

Basic Chemical Maintenance

Add 1 - 2 tablespoons of chlorine each week. Be sure you DO NOT over chlorinate your Softub. Try feeling the inside liner on a regular basis. If the liner feels 'dry' to the touch, that's good. If it feels 'slippery', it's time to make a chlorine addition.

Be sure to use your test strips to check the PH balance at least once every ten days. If an adjustment is necessary, add your Rise or Down granules for this adjustment.

Start a "rinse off policy". It's always a good idea, as a general practice, for everyone to rinse off before using the Softub. Removing excess makeup and body oils is very helpful in maintaining your Softub. and in keeping the water clear & enjoyable.

Always use Aerospace 303 for the exterior maintenance of the tub, of the tub lid, and of the power pack. For the tub interior, use a damp cloth with clean water ONLY. Do not use soaps or abrasives to clean the interior of your Softub!

Be sure to remove the filter and rinse it completely at least once every month.

We recommend that you change the water in your Softub at least once every three to four months. This is a simple task, particularly with the use of a sump pump. Be sure to unplug your spa before draining it!