Slow down and revel in the picturesque beauty of Montana — this captivating state's rugged, natural charms and bountiful wildlife make it an excellent place for outdoor relaxation. If you're from Montana, you can add more luxury to your lifestyle with a deluxe hot tub or infrared sauna.

Discover a Unique Way to Unwind

Gone are the days when you needed to soak at the same setup for years. Our premium Softubs combine portability with world-class comfort and unique style. First on our list is the two-person Softub 140 Sportster. We also carry Softubs catering to four people, including the Softub 220 Legend. For groups of up to six, choose between the Softub 300 Resort or the Softub 300 Portico.

You can bring this equipment wherever you go, from scenic landscapes to sky-high rooftops to secluded cabins. Whatever you have in mind, as long as there's a level spot to set up the hot tub, you're good to go. Other remarkable features of our portable hot tubs include:

  • Compact sizes: Our Softubs easily fit into less expansive spaces, such as small decks and patios. 
  • Seamless controls for water temperature: The remarkable heat recovery system ensures proper control of the temperature. Plus, the insulated lid saves water and heat. 
  • Solid materials with luxury design: Each hot tub comes with an inner shell made of Polybond foam that stabilizes the surface while delivering durability to the equipment. The upholstery is either made of LeatherTex™ or SynTex™, depending on your choice.
  • Unique upholstery colors: From classic off-white to metallic blue, you have plenty of looks to choose from. Apart from the exterior color, you can pick your preferred interior hue as well. 
  • Intelligent technology: Plug it in a regular household outlet and start the spa experience in no time. In addition, the tub only uses four kilowatt-hours per day to reach 102° F, making it highly efficient.  
  • Powerful hydro-jet: Each hydro-jet works strategically to target specific body areas, and the number of hydrotherapy jets in each model varies based on how many people it can accommodate.

Aim for a Healthier Lifestyle With Premium Softubs in Montana

Shop our Softubs for sale in Montana to see how they can impact your lifestyle and contribute to a better and healthier body by:

  • Rejuvenating senses
  • Relaxing joints
  • Minimizing muscle aches
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Easing stress and negative emotions

Exceptional Infrared Saunas in Montana

Apart from our deluxe Softubs, we deliver a wide array of infrared saunas that optimize your overall health and well-being. By isolating positive infrared waves, these saunas provide a more efficient way to heat your body without the harmful effects of sunlight. Each sauna complies with the ETL requirements for a safe, seamless spa experience. 

Treat Yourself With an Ultimate Relaxation

As the largest Softub dealers in Montana, we offer an extensive selection of stylish, reliable body wellness equipment. Our Softubs spas and infrared saunas are bound to give you a comfortable and luxurious detoxification session. Give us a call, and the team of experts at Evergreen Softub and Sauna will help you find the perfect model.