With seemingly endless scenery encompassing rugged coasts, frozen tundras and mesmerizing lagoons, Alaska is the perfect place to reinvigorate your senses with nature. Set up your own hot tub against the state's vast landscapes to revel in a spa experience like no other. 

Pack, Plug and Play With Premium Softubs

Evergreen Softub and Sauna offers you a convenient way to unwind at your own home or your favorite spot. Our premium Softubs in Alaska feature:

  • Top-notch portability: Setting our hot tubs up is easy. Every model is made from exceptional materials and uses a seamless configuration so you can take it anywhere. 
  • Simple installation process: There are no professional hard-wiring or complicated processes required for setting up your site. Simply plug the tub into a normal outlet and get ready for the ultimate wellness session.
  • Remarkable features: From the revolutionary hydro jets to the insulated lid, our Softubs relieve muscle pains and improve overall well-being. Lower your stress levels and feel rejuvenated without booking an appointment at a spa.
  • Energy efficiency: Our hot tubs only need 4 kilowatt-hours to reach 102°F. Reduced energy usage means saving money while enjoying the benefits of a traditional hot tub.
  • Stylish design and customizable colors: Beyond these tubs' impressive performance, they're attractive, too. Choose the interior and exterior colors that match your style or complement your property and take your hot tub experience to the next level.

Different Softubs for Entertainment and Relaxation

Explore our Softubs for sale in Alaska to find a series of options with unique capacities. Our selection includes the Softub 140 Sportster, which fits best two people looking for maximum satisfaction with minimal space. We also offer a great pick for groups of four. The Softub 220 Legend comes with bigger dimensions to suit family bonding or friendly get-togethers. 

If you want ultimate leisure for the entire bunch, go for our six-person hot tubs with therapy seats. The Softub 300 Resort and Softub 300 Portico models feature seven adjustable hydro jets to target those sore areas without trouble. The latter is the most suitable choice for sophisticated design and top-of-the-line technology. 

Infrared Saunas for Health and Wellness

Apart from our reputation as one of the most reliable Softub dealers in Alaska, we're also known for providing quality infrared saunas. From models perfect for solo relaxation to bigger ones for up to five people, our infrared saunas are the ideal fit for quality self-care. Saunas help improve overall wellness through detoxification, muscle pain relief and immune system boost, so step inside your own sauna and sweat the stress away.

Relax and Rejuvenate at Your Leisure

Our collection of Softubs and infrared saunas in Alaska gives you the luxury and revitalization you need with the freedom to enjoy it wherever you go. We provide various options to cater to couples, families, groups of friends or anyone looking for quality relaxation. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to discuss more about our leisure and wellness solutions.