Have you ever dreamed of owning a hot tub that you simply plugged into an outdoor outlet? Just think, you’d be getting all of the benefits of a hot tub without the added expense of running additional electricity to your patio, porch, or home. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? When you make your first, or next, hot tub an Evergreen Softub, you get the ease of a simple plug-in, the safety of GFCI protection, and the simplicity of having a truly portable hot tub that can go with you anywhere. No one does hot tubs like Evergreen Softub. Take a closer look, and see why this is the hot tub that you have been waiting for.

A Two-Person Hot Tub For Every Occasion

There is nothing quite like a comfortable, romantic, and fun-filled evening spent in your very own hot tub. Sure, you could go out to a hotel or community center and sit in a tub that countless people have used, or you could get an even more enjoyable experience in the comfort and convenience of your own home. When you choose the Evergreen Softub, you get the perfect size of hot tub for therapy or even those romantic evening with someone that you love. Choose our 140 Sportster model, and get the comfort of four powerful jets, capacity for up to two people, and the ease of plugging into a 110v outlet.

A Tub With Room For Four

If you need a little bit more room in your hot tub, have no fear, there is an Evergreen Softub to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. Choose our 220 Legend, and get that room for additional people that your needs necessitate and keep the comfort, convenience, and portability that can only come with an Evergreen Softub, the Legend features 5 powerful and relaxing jets, that same 110v convenience, a plethora of distinct color choices, and a surprisingly light transportation weight that gives you the ability to set up your Softub wherever your next adventure takes you. After all, a vacation is always better with an Evergreen Softub.

Big Time Space in Your Softub For Up To Six

If you need big-time space in your hot tub but don't want to give up the comfort and portability of an Evergreen Softub, it's never been easier to get everything that you need. We are proud to offer two different distinct and equally innovative models of Softub to meet your particular space needs. Whether you choose our 300 Poseidon model with its X-tra Tuff Vinyl and full jet station control with the industry's most powerful hydro-jet for your home or go with the 300 Resort Model with its more affordable price tag, therapy seat, barrier-free seating, 5 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, as well as 2 pulsating jets designed to hit all of your sore spots. There is no wrong answer when it comes to which hot tub that you should purchase for your home, as long as it is an Evergreen Softub.