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Summer-ize Your Softub Hot Tub

Summer is here and that means a lot more time spent outside. Whether you fill your summer with evenings and weekends in the backyard, BBQs, family get-togethers, gardening, hiking, camping, fishing or other fun activities, your Softub hot tub is sure to see lots of activity as well. Here are a few steps to help you make sure your Softub is in prime shape and ready for all of the fun and relaxation: 

1. Clean your hot tub pipes using Swirl Away Plumbing Cleaner

Swirl Away Softub Pipe Cleaner

Before draining your Softub and refilling it with clean water it is a good idea to clean the pipes with a product such as Swirl Away. With the old water still in your tub follow the instructions on the bottle to dissolve and eliminate any buildup in your jet system. 

2. Drain and refill your Softub 

We recommend draining and refilling your Softub with fresh water every 4 months. If you do not have a submersible pump it is simple to drain your hot tub by siphoning the water out using a garden hose and the method below:

  1. Turn on the jets. 
  2. Using a standard garden hose with both ends free of nozzles etc. hold one end of the hose up to one of the jets in the tub.
  3. Once you have a steady stream of water coming out of the other end of the hose you’re now primed and you can drop the hose into the tub freely and allow a gravity siphon to take place.
  4. UNPLUG your unit from the power source.

When refilling your hot tub be sure to let your garden hose run for a few minutes outside of the tub before filling the tub to ensure that the water is clean. If you live in an area where the water contains lots of sediment, rust, dirt or metals attaching a Great Start Filter to your hose is a good way to make sure that you are adding the cleanest water possible to your Softub.

3. Change your filter

Softub Filter

If it has been a year since you last replaced your filter, now is the time to get a new one! If it hasn't been that long, this is a good time to clean your current filter and replace your Spa Frog

4. Add Spa Perfect to your maintenance routine

Spa Perfect

Every time you get in your hot tub you are inadvertently adding organic contaminants such as body oils, sweat, cosmetics, sunscreen, soaps, deodorants and more to the water. Spa Perfect is made with natural enzymes that are designed to break down all of that organic waste. Just a little Spa Perfect added to your water once a week you will help keep your Softub cleaner which means your filter will stay cleaner, you'll have less strong chemical odors, and you'll get rid of those pesky scum lines.

5. Sit back, relax and enjoy a summer full of Softub fun!