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Woman sitting inside of a sauna

We’re finally going to answer the question: what’s better, a sauna or steam room?

We’ve looked at the research to find out which one you should be using if you want to maximize the health benefits. 

This in-depth guide will answer all your questions.

What’s Better, Sauna or Steam Room?

It’s difficult to quantify what is better between a sauna or a steam room. 

The fact is, they both offer some awesome health benefits as well as provide people with great enjoyment. Which one you prefer will come down to preference, as there’s actually a big difference between how you experience a sauna and a steam room.

Both use heat therapy to improve certain body functions, but they do so in very different ways. 

Traditional saunas use heat rocks to heat the air to between 160 and 200 degrees and create a very dry heat, much like a desert. Similarly, infrared saunas produce a very dry heat (albeit at a slightly more manageable temperature) that directly penetrates the body without creating moisture.

In contrast, steam rooms produce high humidity levels but run at lower temperatures - generally between 114 and 120 degrees, but overall, is a steam room or sauna better?

Well, they both have similar health benefits, but in general, more scientific research has been carried out on sauna use, which means the benefits of sauna use are better understood. 

Benefits of a Sauna vs a Steam Room

The benefits of a sauna vs a steam room are very similar because they’re both derived from heat therapy 

Here are some of the health benefits both saunas and steam rooms are likely to offer. 

1. Improves Circulation 

One of the key benefits of sauna and steam room use is that it improves circulation. The warm air causes your body temperature to rise and this can dilate the blood vessels that deliver blood around the body. 

As the blood vessels dilate, they improve blood flow, giving you better circulation throughout the body and lowering blood pressure

Different types of saunas will do this in a slightly different way, but the most effective is an infrared sauna because it directly heats the body (rather than the air) for maximum results. 

2. Reduces Inflammation 

Both saunas and steam rooms can reduce inflammation throughout the body. This is a hugely important benefit because chronic inflammatory conditions are extremely prevalent and can lead to serious conditions like strokes, heart disorders, and diabetes. 

Whether it’s a dry sauna or the moist heat of a steam room, regular use can alleviate inflammation and improve overall health. 

3. Better Cardiovascular Health 

As your body temperature increases it causes your heartbeat to raise as it works harder to pump blood around your body. This can have a similar effect to a light workout. 

Sitting in a heated room like a sauna or steam room can help to increase your metabolism and aid weight loss in a relaxing way, which is pretty ideal. 

4. Improves Skin Health 

Your skin can also benefit from regular sauna or steam room use.

When it comes to your skin, both saunas and steam rooms are highly beneficial. The heat penetrates deep into your pores, bringing toxins to the surface where they can be expelled through your sweat. 

This leaves your skin looking radiant and can even help with things like cellulite. 

5. Reduces Stress

Sitting in a sauna or steam room is incredibly relaxing.

You can sit back without a care in the world and just enjoy the feeling. It’s an ideal way to reduce stress, and this can have endless health benefits. A 15-minute session in an infrared sauna, for example, can wash all your stresses away and leave you ready to face the rest of the day. 


Picture of woman from shoulder to toe wearing a towel in a sauna

What is Better: A Steam Room or a Sauna?

What’s better, a steam room or a sauna?

They’re both excellent options. 

If you love the humidity of a steam room, then that’s probably the option for you, and if you prefer the dry heat, then go for the sauna. However, if you do go for the sauna, you want to make sure you’re maximizing the benefits, and the best way to do that is with an infrared sauna. 

For maximum efficiency and improved health benefits, it’s time to look at an infrared sauna. 

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